Perhaps the ‘UFO Invasion’ in SC and RS has been unraveled.

Rony Vernet, electronics engineer and ufologist, shared his idea about the origin of the strange lights seen in the south of the country on social media.

Óvni’ em SC

Since October 4th, reports of enigmatic lights observed in the skies of Porto Alegre and Santa Catarina by commercial aircraft pilots draw the attention of those fascinated by the UFO phenomenon. Rony Vernet, ufologist and electronics engineer, shared his theory about the genesis of UFOs in the southern part of the country on social media.

The fact may have a justification in Ron’s eyes. The researcher was able to determine similar parameters of the position of the lights with the passage of Starlink satellites, a satellite constellation development project of the American company SpaceX, of the billionaire Elon Musk, based on calculations and the use of the Stellarium software, to visualize the sky in the form of a planetarium.

The researcher demonstrated through his YouTube channel that during this period, as the day gets dark, it becomes more difficult to see the satellite constellation. He did this by simulating the satellite visibility in July. The viewing time for things is extended from October, however, based on simulations, he also stated that these satellite sightings may not occur until the months of December and January.

Rony explained that “the new Starlink version 1.5 satellites lack the shields that prevent reflection, making them appear extraordinarily bright” in reference to the luminous intensity of the phenomenon.

The shield made the oldest Starlink satellites, which were launched until 2021, satellites of magnitude 6. Magnitude 2 or 3 describe the newest. And according to my theory, fireballs in the sky are the reason why we are seeing even negative magnitudes in Brazil. In other words, disregard all of your prior knowledge of satellites. We are dealing with a new situation, he added.

The researcher said that “most of the ones I observed appeared to be satellites, but there are others where there is a pattern that appears to be distinct” when asked about other films with testimonials that show pilots observing unexplained objects with strange characteristics.

Ron addressed stories of items performing strange movements while still having their green lights on, he stated in his closing remarks. These testimonies “may, in fact, be related to UFO phenomena and require further examination,” he said.


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