ETs Can Destroy All Of Humanity With Just A Simple Code

Hollywood blockbusters today feature numerous alien attack scenarios. The sense of the end of this world is evoked by the invasion of alien ships, devastation of cities and general chaos. The chances of an Earth-sized strike like this are very slim. It is possible that aliens would actually invade Earth in a different manner than what we see in the movies

Astrophysicists John G. Leach, Michael Hippke, and John G. Leach posited the idea that an extraterrestrial attack would be much more successful and cost-effective in one of their scholarly works. According to them, the Universe has enormous dimensions, so it is impossible to travel high-speed and build a large number of spacecraft. The aliens could plan an attack based on the harmful code contained in the letter. This code will contain an artificial intelligence with a high level of power that will quickly spread across the Internet and all other computer networks worldwide. This will make it possible to target all types of institutions: financial institutions, electricity networks and military facilities. If humanity works together, such assaults can be avoided. They don’t need to look at communications from space or consider them spam.

Michael Hippke says that because no one can foresee all the dangers associated with reading it in advance, the only way one can protect oneself from them is to destroy it. Experts agree that such an invasion is unlikely, but they also believe that it is possible.

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