The Arcturians, the alien race that takes care of our planet

The Arcturians, the a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ race that takes care of our planet

According to some ufologists, there is a highly advanced alien civilization from the Bootes constellation known as the Arcturians. As these researchers explain, the Arcturians are the most advanced alien civilization that exists in our galaxy, and they are permanent watchmen of our planet.

Bootes constellation

The constellation of Bootes is the home of these advanced beings. This constellation is located 33 light years from our planet. It is said that this civilization is a higher plane within evolution, and is the model that all other species that inhabit the universe must follow.

Furthermore, the Arcturians are described as a higher vibrating race. The energy that this civilization gives off works as a kind of healing factor, for the mental, spiritual and physical energy of humanity. In addition, it works as the door that the souls of humans pass through when they die.

guardians of the earth
Following this order of ideas, it is said that the Arcturians have the most advanced spaceships in the entire galaxy. The technological level that this alien civilization possesses is so developed that no other race has ever dared to declare war on these beings.

Since, if they did, they would be completely destroyed by their ships and weapons. In this sense, there is an Arcturian spaceship called “Athena”. This spaceship is orbiting around our planet, and it is the only thing that has kept evil entities away from our planet.

an amazing breed
The Arcturians as a superior race reject war and violence, which is why they protect us. These beings, apart from protecting us, want to help us raise our vibratory energy, in order to access higher dimensions.

Ultimately, all of this knowledge about these aliens comes from humans who have been contacted by them, as well as other alien races like the Pleiadians.


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