Extraterrestrial prophecy in Malaga in 1910 fulfilled

The extraterrestrial prophecy revealed in 1910 was fulfilled!

Profecía extraterrestre en Málaga en 1910 cumplida

Extraterrestrial prophecy in Malaga
There have been many people who claim to have had some kind of contact with extraterrestrial beings, most say they do not remember most of the encounters, however, there are other subjects who have managed to start conversations with aliens who do perfectly remember all the information they these managed to provide them, among them, Pedro Cortezo, a citizen resident in Malaga who was able to see and speak with an extraterrestrial in the year 1910.

According to the statements, Pedro was in the field with his flock when a completely strange person approached him to tell him a story from ancient times. The man with tight clothes and a futuristic appearance told Pedro that his race was in charge of protecting the planet and all humans. He also mentioned to her that his species had to destroy several satellites and celestial bodies that were about to hit the earth and destroy it completely.

The extraterrestrial prophecy about the Tunguska event

Profecía extraterrestre en Málaga en 1910 cumplida

The alien said that a comet was going to crash into the earth, so a team of alien scientists had to destroy it using super developed rays, however, one of these managed to hit the earth right in the Siberian area and caused a large crater , this happened in the year 1908, however, nothing of that was known until 1921. How could Pedro know about this event in 1910 when the news reached all corners of the world in 1921? This made Pedro become a famous man in Malaga.

The man told the whole town about his experiences and not only had contact with that strange subject, but also with other aliens from that same civilization and they predicted a series of events that would happen in the town, including several fires and the deforestation. No one was able to see the beings that Pedro frequented, despite the fact that his description is similar to many others given by people who also claimed contact with humanoids.

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