Moon Trip Enforced NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell to Believe In UFOs & Aliens, Why?

There is a long list of astronauts who claimed to have seen strange anomalies while being in outer space and strongly supported UFO phenomena. After returning from Moon, former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell experienced an epiphany that changed his thoughts about the origin of life on Earth and accused the government of hiding the truth.

In February 1971, after the successful completion of the mission, the Apollo 14 crew returned to Earth. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell became the fifth and sixth astronauts to walk on the moon’s surface. While Shepard chose to live in the glory, Mitchell became the main troublemaker for many years.

He publicly accepted the existence of aliens after being on the Moon and stuck to it until his death. He accused the US government of hiding the truth about contact with aliens. Immediately after his return, Mitchell left NASA and immersed himself in studying UFOs, ancient history, and human consciousness.

Edgar Mitchell, 1971. Image credit: NASA

Later, he explained that during his time in space, he experienced an incomparable mystical experience, and tried to find the answer to the question of what it was in the ancient texts. Eventually, he managed to find a term in Sanskrit to describe his experience, samadhi. Hindus consider it a special state of enlightened and clear consciousness, and Buddhists consider it the last step on the path to nirvana.

“The experience in space was so powerful that when I got back to Earth I started digging into various literatures to try to understand what had happened. I found nothing in science literature but eventually discovered it in the Sanskrit of ancient India. The descriptions of samadhi, Savikalpa samadhi, were exactly what I felt: it is described as seeing things in their separateness, but experiencing them viscerally as a unity, as oneness, accompanied by ecstasy,” Mitchell said. [Source]

Mitchell described it as a feeling of complete dissolution in the infinite universe, accompanied by ecstasy, as well as a clear understanding of the absolute unity of man and the cosmos, which seemed to him an incredibly ancient and intelligent self-regulating system.

In general, Mitchell returned from the Moon as a completely different person. He moved to California, where he co-founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This non-profit organization was engaged in research, which was skeptical of mainstream science. The institute conducted experiments with yoga, meditation, extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

There were rumors about the institute in the 70s and 80s that it was part of the secret Stargate Project that was funded by US military intelligence to study various parapsychological phenomena. Allegedly, Mitchell, taking advantage of the fact that the doors of the highest offices were open to him, almost personally lobbied for the inclusion of his organization in the project. However, in any case, the Stargate was closed due to the lack of any results that were of even potential interest to the army.

But Mitchell’s greatest fame was brought by his scandalous statements about the existence of aliens. He was perhaps the most famous figure who publicly shared such views, so journalists were very willing to interview him, and ufologists and supporters of various conspiracy theories around the world literally idolized the former astronaut and invariably referred to his interviews in their books.

Edgar Mitchell during an Apollo 14 training session in 1970

For example, he claimed that the 1947 Roswell crash incident was a true story. But on the official note, it was the weather balloon crash and video footage of the autopsy of humanoids, allegedly secretly made by army operators, was determined to be fake.

However, Mitchell grew up in the small town of Artesia, a few miles from the very Roswell airbase where the crash allegedly occurred. The astronaut claimed that many of his neighbors, acquaintances, and friends worked at this base, and what he heard from them is enough for him to consider the Roswell incident a real UFO crash. Mitchell did not disclose the names of his informants, referring to the fact that they all signed a non-disclosure agreement and he did not want them to have problems.

Mitchell claimed that he used all his connections to find out anything about the UFO phenomenon that had occupied him since the early 70s, and eventually, he found people at the highest rank who shared information with him.

According to Mitchell, he once had a confidential conversation with a Navy admiral, who secretly told him that in fact, the aliens had established contact with the government back in the early 1940s. They were interested in earthly weapons, primarily the atomic bomb. At the very beginning of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA, aliens often came to Earth because they feared nuclear war and tried to influence the world elites in some way.

In another interview, Mitchell claimed that his words were distorted by journalists. The admiral did tell him that the government had been aware of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence since the early 1940s and was covering up authenticated UFO sightings. However, he never spoke of any interference in political affairs. He did not give the names of his high-ranking informant from the Navy, so as not to substitute him.

According to Mitchell, there is a well-organized group in the highest US government circles whose goal is to stop any leaks about the UFO phenomenon. At the same time, he himself categorically denied that he had ever seen extraterrestrial beings.

From time to time, fake interviews of Mitchell appeared on various sites devoted to conspiracy theories, in which he allegedly said that he had personally observed flying saucers and almost dined with humanoids. In official interviews, Mitchell vehemently denied these rumors, claiming that he had never seen any humanoids or UFOs, but was sure of their existence.

In 2016, Wikileaks revealed thousands of emails that were allegedly linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The emails unfolded secret information shared with Podesta about UFOs and ETs.

In 2015, Podesta received emails from Mitchell that expressed his concern about the weaponization of space and its impact on the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence). Despite the fact that aliens might be violent as shown in the various sci-fi, the notable astronaut called them nonviolent in his email.

In January 2015, he sent an email to Podesta, asking him to have an urgent meeting to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy (ZPE). He was concerned about the peace in space.

Terri with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD, 2011 inductee honoree in the Leonardo da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking

Mitchell wrote: “My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI. Another colleague is working on a new Space Treaty, citing involvement with Russia and China. However, with Russia’s extreme interference in Ukraine, I believe we must pursue another route for peace in space and ZPE on Earth.”

Mitchell emailed Podesta again on September 18, 2015. He wrote: “Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.”

It was confirmed by one of Mitchell’s collaborators that the meeting between Podesta and him never took place. He died in February 2016 at the age of 85, just a few days short of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 14 return to Earth, the mission that changed his life forever.

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