The Secrets Of The Skinwalker Ranch: Shapeshifters, UFO Encounters, Cattle Mutilations, And Paranormal Activities

Skinwalker Ranch is a 512-acre plot located in Utah, and it is believed to be cursed with U̳F̳O̳s, witches, and horrific cattle mutilations. A probable paranormal hotspot, Skinwalker Ranch was developed in 1996. As per some theorists, the Skinwalker Ranch holds the solution to the mysteries of U̳F̳O̳ and crop circle phenomena. There are even others who claim that there is a regular presence of ex̳t̳r̳a̳t̳e̳r̳r̳e̳s̳t̳r̳i̳a̳l̳ life there.

The 512-acre plot of land has seen crop circle and UFO phenomena as well as unexplained cattle mutilation.

The Navajo folktale of the Skinwalker inspired the name of the Ballard property. According to folklore, the foreboding entity is a wicked witch and has the ability to shift into whatever creature it desires. Skinwalkers are usually four-legged creatures, such as coyotes, although they can also appear as owls or crows. As skeptics claim, eyewitness evidence spanning decades shows that this is not a myth. Furthermore, the ranch is comprised of more than just shape-shifters.

According to history, cattle have been found on the site maimed in an oddly surgical and bloodless manner. Numerous U̳F̳O̳ sightings have been reported in the skies over this area, and some have termed the site “cursed”. It all started in 1996, with Terry Sherman effectively abandoning his newly purchased property after becoming overwhelmed by unexpected paranormal activities.

What Is Skinwalker Ranch?

Until The Deseret News published article “Frequent Flyers?” on June 30, 1996, almost no one knew about the site. Terry and Gwen Sherman were determined to stop the alleged U̳F̳O̳ activity haunting their new house, according to the article.

“For a long time we wondered what we were seeing, if it was something to do with a top-secret project. I don’t know really what to think about it.”

During the span of 15 months, three specific types of U̳F̳O̳s were spotted multiple times, as per the claims made by the couple, their teenage son, and their 10-year-old daughter. One was small and boxy, while another was 40 feet long and the third was the size of many football fields.

It appeared that one of the U̳F̳O̳s was emitting a wave of red light. Another popped out of an orange sphere that looked like an ethereal portal. There were two instances in which the Shermans videotaped their observations. Crop circles were also discovered during this time period. A neighboring pasture had precisely flattened dirt in the center of three-foot-wide circles. The circle was a foot or two feet deep. Skinwalker Ranch’s activities grow more intense and frightening over time.

Countless people in the region have reported seeing glowing orbs, UFOs, and humanoid figures.

Gwen Sherman was driving home one night when a flying light followed her. When Terry Sherman was out in the fields with his dogs, he heard male voices speaking an a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ language, and they seemed to be conversing approximately 25 feet above him. His pets got into a rage. In one of the instances, there were seven cows belonging to the family that went missing or died.

The dead bodies of the cows were found in bizarre conditions. The left eyeball of one deceased cow had a hole ripped out of it, but the rest of the cow’s body remained unharmed. Similarly, another deceased cow had the same hole in its left eyeball along with a 6-inch hole cut into its rectum. Both times, there was a distinct chemical odor. Another group of cows disappeared without a trace, while some of the cows’ hoofprints stopped in the paths they left behind.

“We’ve seen [the U̳F̳O̳s] enough and we know pretty much what the craft look like, and I think it’s definitely associated with the cattle mutilations. When we see the crafts and then the cattle, we have problems. You talk to a lot of people around here that at one time or another have seen something they can’t explain. There’s been a lot of cattle mutilations, and a lot of them weren’t reported. Several [ranchers] told me that when they had a [mutilation], they called the authorities and the authorities couldn’t do anything, so it was just a waste of time and effort.”

Some people in the area are very sure that the Shermans are telling the truth, but there is no proof that their stories are true. The family, on the other hand, was said to be so afraid of their home that they sold it only 18 months after moving in. After only three months, Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas real estate tycoon and U̳F̳O̳ aficionado, bought it for $200,000. This is when Skinwalker Ranch shifted from a U̳F̳O̳-centric attraction to a more earthy, demonic entity from Native American mythology.

Robert Bigelow purchased the property three months after reading about the Sherman family’s paranormal experiences. Under the National Institute for Discovery Science, he tried to figure out what caused them.

Stories Of The Mythical Skinwalker

Terry Sherman claimed to have seen a wolf three times its normal size before leaving the property. Sherman fired three shots with a rifle from a short range, but they were ineffective. Things got more bizarre after Bigelow purchased the land under the National Institute for Discovery Science. Biochemist Colm Kelleher said that on the night of March 121997, he saw a large humanoid figure sitting on a tree. It was keeping an eye on the researchers.

“The large creature that lay motionless, almost casually, in the tree. The only indication of the beast’s presence was the penetrating yellow light of the unblinking eyes as they stared fixedly back into the light.”

Before the figure vanished, Kelleher said he fired at it, but he managed to notice how it looked. The figure had sharp claws, making it look like some sort of predatory bird. He stated that the figure looked heavy. This narrative, as well as subsequent occurrences, appeared disturbingly similar to Navajo folklore.

The Navajo-English Dictionary by William Morgan and Leon Wall says that the word Skinwalker in Navajo translates to “yee naaldlooshii,” which means “by means of it, it goes on all fours.” The legend is even more mysterious because the tribe doesn’t like to talk about it with outsiders. The sightings were even more interesting because the ranch was 400 miles from the Navajo Nation and no one knew what they were.

The book Navaho Witchcraft by Clyde Kluckhohn says that skinwalkers are the opposite of Navajo values. These shape-shifting witches stand in contrast to the tribe’s medicine men and healers as symbols of virtue and evil, respectively.

Through the collection of empirical data using high technology, Bigelow’s institute hoped to either validate or refute the presence of ex̳t̳r̳a̳t̳e̳r̳r̳e̳s̳t̳r̳i̳a̳l̳ beings in the area. Over the course of their investigation, Kelleher and investigative journalist George Knapp are said to have had approximately 100 occurrences together. They stated that they were unable to gather substantial evidence in the end. In 2016, Bigelow sold the ranch to Adamantium Real Estate Holdings. Despite this, according to VICE, the Skinwalker Ranch investigation into the paranormal has continued.

Robert Bigelow sold the property to a company called Adamantium Real Estate Holdings in 2016.

The S̳e̳c̳r̳e̳t̳ Of Skinwalker Ranch

Adamantium Holdings’ owner is still a mystery, despite a new History Channel documentary airing in March 2020. As one might expect, the enigmatic individual appears to be adamant that something unusual is taking place in the area.

“You know, facing the reality of our mortality is sobering. The anomalies at Skinwalker Ranch, the things that have been reported there over decades, if not hundreds of years. They seem to attest to the fact that we live in a strange universe. Perhaps we are not alone.”

“I think the opportunity to take a living laboratory like the ranch, a place that seems to be the center of gravity of so much of the unexplained, it is a unique experience. I manage and lead an effort that I believe is the greatest science project of all time.”

The Command Center

The ranch’s research is now run out at the Command Center, which is a high-tech hub built by plasma physicist Erik Bard. Surveillance devices have been installed throughout the property to monitor any unusual activities. A number of people on the site have developed strange diseases in recent years. Many ranch workers, including the security chief, have reported strange happenings.

“I thought it was all a bunch of crap. Then, one night, I’m in one of the bedrooms in the ranch house. I’m lying down trying to get to sleep, and then all of a sudden, BAM, something slams into my bed. It’s like when your kids jump into bed with you or someone big kneed the bed. I sit up and turn on the lights. Nothing’s there.”

Many visitors to Skinwalker Ranch have shared stories like this one. However, scientists are baffled as to what is taking on on this well-known piece of land in Utah.

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