NASA found the ancient wall on Mars


This walled city was found on Mars by the YouTube channel “Martian Archeology” The channel’s researchers found an ancient city with walls on all sides, and a small space between the walls can be seen.

What makes you think that this is totally impossible that it was created by nature. Surely you are wondering why NASA does not publish evidence, right? Some researchers believe that this is how they maintain interest and enthusiasm for Mars, thus managing to maintain the budget and investments in missions to said planet.

On the other hand, it is very likely that NASA wants to get to Mars first, in order to keep the United States in first place in space.

It is evident that NASA is aware of the extraterrestrial structures on Mars and does not want any other country to venture to try to get there first to recover any type of technology or make contact with a more advanced civilization.

ciudad-en-marte La NASA encuentra restos de Ciudad extraterrestre Marte

Could this be definitive evidence of past life on Mars?
According to many people (researchers and amateurs), these images prove that millions of years ago, when the red planet still had an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, and water flowed on its surface, ancient civilizations developed on this planet. These images, along with other interesting photos of the Red Planet, show that in the distant past, Mars was inhabited by intelligent life forms that built structures, buildings, and monuments just as our ancestors built on Earth.

While skeptics firmly dismiss these results, many people on social media have compared images of Earth’s ancient walls to purported structures found on Mars, drawing uncanny similarities.

Consider for a moment the possibility that in the distant past, when Mars had water and an atmosphere, life developed on the planet. Over hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions of years, life on Mars developed to the point where they were able to create structures in the same way as on Earth. Then, chaotic changes turned the planet into a desolate and inhospitable place, the surface water dried up, the vegetation disappeared, and other life forms on the planet simply died out.

Now, millions of years later, our civilization has developed to the point where we can send spacecraft to other planets and moons, we are exploring Mars and seeing incredible images that spark our imaginations.

While these images could be evidence supporting the aforementioned hypothesis, they may also be the product of Pareidolia. In order to fully understand Mars and its past, we have to examine the physical evidence and draw a conclusion based on scientific facts.

At this point, all we can do is ask ourselves, what if these images are evidence of ancient structures, walls, and monuments on Mars? What would happen if we are facing the product of intelligent extraterrestrial beings, which became extinct millions of years ago? At this point we can only wonder and debate whether these images are the product of intelligent design or not.

Until a few months ago, the world had a very different opinion than it does today, thus opening up a wide range of possibilities.

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