15 Scary Videos Skeptics Don’t Wanna Talk About

Celebrate it or dread it, the spooky summer season is upon us, and this year’s scares hardly lack chills. Especially when the sun goes down, and the bright sunlight is subdued by the darkness of the night, no time can be better than that to settle in for a night of shivery frights! With that in mind, today, I have analyzed a chilling list of creepy videos that will leave you shaking in your shoes! Here are 15 scary videos skeptics don’t wanna talk about! So, get ready!

Ever seen real videos of paranormal encounters or footage of ominous occurrences in a haunted house? Taking a not-so-wild guess, I’ll say that you have. Further, without having the slightest clue about what you have watched in specific, I’ll say that all the things you have seen so far were not the scariest. Yup, in terms of how bad they freaked you out of your wits, they’d likely pale in comparison to what I’m bringing you today! This scary comp will serve you nothing but the shiveriest of chills!

Seriously, the entries in this list of top 15 scary videos are beyond horrifying. And even though I am not suggesting that you prepare yourself before watching these creepy offerings from the eeriest corners of the internet… but it definitely isn’t the worst idea. Just saying.

If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal — someone that thinks all the footage or evidence of supernatural sightings and ghost encounters is staged, this list of scary videos could have you convinced otherwise. Every so often, frighteningly scary incidents get caught on camera. And frankly, they are just a drop compared to the ocean of eerie happenings that occur every now and again in the spooky corners of this planet. This creepy list contains a collection of the most unnerving, unsettling, and downright terrifying of such videos — they’ll be more than enough to make your hair stand on end!

The horrifying, horrendous, and harrowing entries in this gut-wrenching list may very well be some of the scariest videos you have ever laid your eyes on. So, I caution you, you are NOT ready to simply, candidly jump into this list of creepy videos. Trust me, so far, everything that you thought was horror, was nothing. After watching this collection of scary videos, you’ll know real horror. My advice: Leave a light on and don’t turn up the volume too much while watching these creepy videos. And, if at any point you think you can’t handle the chills this list of top 15 scary videos will unleash on your psyche, just know that you are safe — that you are behind the security of your computer screen — and not experiencing the displayed events first hand.

The hold-no-bars uncanniness of these scary stories will stick with you for a long, long time! So, proceed at your own peril. If being scared witless sounds too much for you — or doesn’t sound like your thing at all, stay away. But, if you’re actually looking to be scared silly, these creepy videos will be where your search ends.

Done watching? That’s great!

Which of these scary videos freaked you out of your wits the most? Let me know right below in the comments!

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