The strange disappearances of 1955 of cattle in the Valencian area of Tons

The strange disappearances of 1955 of cattle in the Valencian area of Tons

In this first installment of a new chapter, the author addresses a new aspect within the phenomenon such as abductions or kidnappings of people or animals by UFOs. On this occasion, it is about an event that occurred in the Valencian town of Tous, where the author was stationed, and in which the disappeared were animals under the gaze of one of the inhabitants of the farm where this new case occurred.

January 1955. Those who know the Valencian region know that its towns are continuously aligned at short distances from each other. However, Tous was then one of the most remote and with a considerable municipal area, almost 22 kilometers in area. On the contrary, very small urbanistically speaking. Currently Tous has jumped to the pages of the national press and television, as a result of the “tragedy” that occurred there due to the rupture of the dam causing serious damage to many people and their property. Well, on January 1 I “landed” in Tous as a rural guard by decree of the Presidency of the Government. Once here and, having resolved the legal requirements, I spent a few days touring the town and its surroundings. Thus, on the 3rd they appointed me a collaborator (a certain Julián) so that he could advise me in this profession. Julián was telling me details about our “duties”. Among these, there was one that I did not find very funny, such as “having a strong hand with cattle thieves” and also intervening in lawsuits between huertanos, drawing up minutes and also notifying the nearest Civil Guard. However, this “Julián” sorry for the quotes forgot “what were our rights.” I was taking note of all this until one day he told me: “look ché, on the 9th we have to go to Cofrentes” -I did not understand very well if he said Cofrentes or Torrente, two important towns in the area. What I did understand very well was “that we had to collect urgent documentation for the Brotherhood of Tous”.

22 kilometers. At first I figured we would go by train, bus or any other mechanical means. Said this for my part, says Julián: that goes, you have to walk and return the same, that we would like more! Walking 22 kilometers and 22 back, which, if Pythagoras is not lying, is 44? As we Andalusians say, sometimes happy and other times “charged with adrenaline”, that’s not even mijitas. Let the president go.

I rebelled against such abuse and injustice. Of course, no more than ten minutes had passed when the president was already “informed”.

For several days I carried out the service alone without knowing where the blessed Julián was, nor did I need him. I left on the 7th through the area known as the “leg-breaking loft” due to the ruggedness of the terrain.

Suddenly, a guy approaches me who tells me: look please, the owner of that farm wants to tell you something. I went over there and met with the eldest son, he greeted me and let me know: “Look, yesterday around 3 o’clock here moments totally stunned and I didn’t even dare to interrupt such spectacular news.

“About fifteen meters from where I was, there was a herd of cattle – sheep and goats – going around in a circle, but as if they were stunned. I tried to go there, but realized right away that I “couldn’t move.” He was gripped by something he couldn’t explain. I couldn’t move anywhere. I lost all mobility but not the overview of things. It was like a stone statue.”

It was the first time that I attended a “case” of this nature. And as a witness an orchard-rancher, of great humanity despite his youth, who overflowed with sincerity everywhere.

You will ask yourself – he told me – why I turn to you instead of the authorities of the town? It would be logical but what happens will understand. You see, the people, never. Neither do the authorities. Why? Well, because I’m not willing to be told that I’ve lost my mind or I’m crazy. And why do I turn to you? Well, because he’s new here in town, he doesn’t know anyone or have any interests here -I suppose- and if that’s not the case, correct me”.

Of course I didn’t know anyone there, for the simple reason that I had just arrived and had never set foot in that town. What’s more, I didn’t even know it was on the map.

The witness continued with his account and told me: “When you arrived in town on January 1 and presented yourself to take office, my father and I were at that Brotherhood meeting. That’s why I know him by sight. However, I believe that in this specific case you deserve enough confidence in me to tell you about this matter of disappearance of cattle.

“The only thing I ask of you – he continued – is absolute discretion in what I tell you. I wouldn’t want to see myself singled out in town. What’s more, when I discussed it with my parents, who are old-fashioned people, do you know what their response was? Well, that I had lost my mind, that I was dreaming, that this had been cattle rustling by some people (I I couldn’t get over my astonishment) and you will never believe what I’m telling you right now. And the people of the town, much less”.

It was then that I suggested that we sit down quietly and he would explain all of this to me from the beginning.

1955. Year of shocks. The unusual, the absurd, the fantastic, and the mysterious take on “natural status” when their existence is demonstrated. The sequel that this dynamic causes to man always ends up affecting reason and human logic.

In this way, the traces and clues that should lead us in the investigation to the “aberrant” phenomenon caused by certain mysterious disappearances push us fully into a fantastic universe.

The conception of the world that surrounds us is reduced by these facts to the category of “the impossible”. What reasonable intelligence would not refute, in all cases of abduction, the clearest evidence

I am sure that for the rationalists it would be very convenient, in the current phase of my investigations, if we did not go ahead and refuse to continue, much less insist on specific cases whose impactful force in the Society in which we live has been the kidnapping or disappearance of living beings.

And speaking of kidnappings, how many of these remain unclear? And also, how many and who enjoyed the luck of being able to count it? Let’s look at one of these that in its day captured world attention and a prototype of the most mysterious and unusual.

On May 3, 1968, the Vidals were driving along the road between Chascomús and Maipú, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. They were less than 20 kilometers from the capital when they entered a bank of very dense fog. They lost consciousness.

When Mr. Vidal came to, it was already daylight and not recognizing the region he called a peasant and asked him for the road to Buenos Aires. The peasant thought that he had lost his reason and suggested, with good manners, if by chance it was not Mexico that he was looking for.

He was in Mexico and only 48 hours had passed since he fainted. that is, 7,500 km from the place where his car had entered that damn fog, which was his last memory.

What crazy story was that? She looked at his car, a 403. The black paint was gone. Now it looked like aluminum. Could this man have temporary amnesia and thus travel 7,500 kilometers?

It’s possible. But then, how to explain the route crossing South America, Central America, on barely passable roads and tracks, at an average of 160 km/h, in just 48 hours?


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