The mystery of the “lunar cities” recorded in 1968 during the Syn 25 mission

NASA filmed a video many years ago in 1968 prior to the launch of the Apollo mission to the Moon. This recording was released on the DeepWeb unexpectedly in the first month of 2016, and almost instantly became a digital boom.
NASA is suspected of running a locked-down operation, dubbed “Syn 25,” and Belinda and Christian are believed to have been involved in it.
It is said that in the mystical area known as the “dark side of the moon” you can see certain constructions that observers call “incredible cities”. Many ufologists believe that starting in the 1960s, humans working for T SOS.Inc and NASA built these cities on the moon.
The real life astronauts shared a video recorded by themselves, while they were going back to their home, Earth. Feel free to express yourself and tell us what you think about it.

At a conference, a former CIA pilot drew attention by claiming that the Moon is really a place to live with more than 250 million inhabitants.

Mr. John Lear, a former pilot for the US intelligence agency, has gained fame in circles related to conspiracy theories.

Mr. Lear was very emphatic when he said that everything that was said about the Moon was false.

He was very excited to tell that he had found unnatural silhouettes and figures on the Moon. He showed some images to the fascinated audience that seemed to corroborate his discoveries of artificially constructed objects.

There is a group of people who believe that there is something hidden on the moon and this could explain what is referred to as “holographic technology”, which, according to them, could be responsible for hiding these structures.

A former agent comments that it is likely that the first landings on the Moon were due to the use of an anti-gravity ship created by Tesla. In addition, the ex-agent could not prove this since, if true, he would already have died before he could do so.

The US government has allocated a huge amount of money to finance the search for electromagnetic fields, specifically in the investigation of what would be the fight against gravity, according to Tesla’s theories.

Lear documented some evocative images taken from a watchtower in 1946 reflecting what appears to have been a major disaster occurring roughly in the northwestern area of the Endymion crater rim.

Approximately forty million years ago, the moon was created inside Jupiter. This happened thanks to a catastrophic event that generated a whole series of movements in the space region that we now see reflected as the Moon’s journey around the giant planet.

It is said that 15,000 years ago, during the last ice age, the Earth’s magnetic field became anchored in a stable trajectory and that opened the door for large cities to appear, as well as civilizations and lunar bases.

Lear said that the inhabitants of the Moon were non-terrestrial humanoids.

In this person’s speech, unknown races were mentioned, including the gray aliens who we would expect to live on the Moon. In addition, he maintained that our planet is a place of punishment for thousands of civilizations around the Universe, which sounds very strange or incredible. This makes us wonder if there are other planets like Earth in the Cosmos.

No wonder John Lear has to deal with jokes and ‘jokes’ from those who hold a more rational perspective, due to his ‘unconventional’ views. This has become commonplace.

Despite having previously been a spy for the CIA, he was also a former lieutenant in the military using plans for the United States. He possessed practical knowledge in various aviation, and had dozens of certifications that demonstrated his extensive experience.

Many people argue about whether or not there is extraterrestrial life on the Moon. This is because some unusual signs and formations can be seen on its surface, leading one to believe that our natural satellite could have strange civilizations alien to us, or even human colonies living on its land.

These experts point out that with a professional telescope you can see lines of light in outer space, which are somewhat reminiscent of terrestrial electrical systems. These lines suggest that they would be located not far from the surface of the universe.

NASA management has denied any information regarding its projects on the Moon. Despite this, several people have reported that there would have been two secret NASA missions that traveled to the satellite in recent times; In addition, now it would be China that would carry out a discovery mission to this place.

An American expedition could have landed on the moon if it weren’t for an anonymous leak that happened on Deepweb in 2016, a year before the historic landing made by the members of the Apollo 11 mission.

There was talk of what was known as “Syn 25”, which referred to a visual evidence taken by astronauts in lunar orbit where urban landscapes of the so-called “dark side” were exhibited.

In the period between 1965 and 1968, NASA worked together with the company T SOS. inc to try to build a series of cities on the ground with huge projects. These were considered great opportunities for those interested in developing cutting-edge engineering.

The Moon causes a special attraction for astronomers and scientists. Some photographs that have been taken in the region of the lunar surface show structures similar to the technological ones that many have assumed to be the result of extraterrestrial mining, as well as strange structures occupying more than half of the lunar craters.

Not only we enjoy this place; there are also other beings who visit it and enjoy its charms.

It can be speculated that there are some relationships between humans and other extraterrestrial beings, since the latter would have reached the Moon a long time ago. These connections go beyond the scientific level, as there are rumors that there are also technological and even military associations between the two groups.

The latest tests of the Chinese mission to the moon have given surprising results, having obtained detailed images of a complex that would surely have been artificially built in the hidden part of the satellite. This, as the Chinese government affirms, shows that something would be happening on the lunar territory without being noticed by the rest of the world and without our permission.

NASA has not denied the existence of unidentified flying objects that have been around missions to the Moon. This is something that several astronauts have claimed to know, reporting seeing unknown spacecraft, but with no clear hostile intent.

The story of aliens who have been in various terrestrial bases gains strength from the testimonies of those who claim to have lived there. Many of them have told, accompanied by even representatives of other races, that some fought against foreign forces.

Since NASA’s inception, many people who work within it have dedicated themselves to exposing lies and secret cover-ups around the agency. This became just theories for the general public, but there is still not enough concrete evidence to bring these unknown realities to light.

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