Let me tell you the story of the planet mars.
Approximately 66 million years ago the planet Mars was inhabited and full of water and life, one day a large object entered the solar system reaching the planet Mars.

The planet Mars received the full force of the impact that was of such magnitude that it drew a canyon of 1400 kilometers and 12 kilometers deep (visible in the photo), this impact was so strong that it tore part of the crust from the surface of Mars, And the staggering height of Mount Olympus is proof of the magnitude of the impact.

Remains of the impact were scattered through space forming the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter, one of these remains ended up on Earth.

On Earth it had the consequences that we all know about the extinction of the dinosaurs, now after the latest explorations of Mars and the numerous remains that are emerging on the surface we can find two planets in an ancient solar system capable of harboring life and that the human race did not originate from Earth.

Perhaps our ancestors were forced to leave our native Mars because it was no longer habitable.
On Earth various researchers have theorized about this theory and in all corners of the Earth there are remains of what can be considered a global civilization enormously advanced in some aspects more than ours, which for some reason disappeared along with all its people. technology.

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