The UN Could Create an Office to Organize Periodic World Conferences on UFOs

The San Marino parliament will debate and vote on a resolution calling for the establishment of a UN agency tasked with planning recurrent international conferences on non-airborne phenomena on Monday, January 16, 2023.

If accepted, the matter will be brought before the UN for the first time in 45 years. The UN Grenada UFO project, led by Sir Eric Gairy, the then Prime Minister of the country, failed in 1978 as a result of vehement British resistance.

However, it is expected that the US government will take the matter seriously and China will launch its own investigations into the now-renamed UAPs, leading to some degree of international cooperation.

The UN Secretary-General will receive Project Titan from San Marino once it has undergone preliminary review and discussion. It would then be put to a vote at the General Assembly.

“As the creator and administrator of Project Titan, I sincerely hope that the San Marino authorities have the vision to approve the country’s participation in a project that can generate many positive results for San Marino and the rest of the world”, said the manager. of the project, Paolo Guizzardi, in statements to Liberation Times. “I hope this project can also facilitate and achieve a climate of global unity and cooperation, which is sorely needed today.”

Despite initial success following a meeting and presentation to the two San Marino Heads of State (known as the Captains Regent) in January 2022, Project Titan had stalled in recent months. Guizzardi and his team started a petition to ask parliament to include San Marino in Project Titan when the country stopped responding to it.

Italy’s National UFO Center (CUN), Italy’s leading UFO group, organizes the International UFO Symposium, sponsored by the government of San Marino for over 30 years.

As a result, a global conference on the state of UAP research held under UN auspices would be a perfect, if disjointed, update to CUN’s ongoing long-term program and a means for San Marino to capitalize on its extensive experience.

Eric Gairy, que foi primeiro-ministro da ilha caribenha de Granada na década de 1970, afirmou que os OVNIs eram reais e os alienígenas estavam nos visitando. Para que o mundo saiba, ele instou a ONU a criar uma agência internacional que reconhecesse o problema e o investigasse seriamente.
Eric Gairy, who was Prime Minister of the Caribbean island of Grenada in the 1970s, claimed that UFOs were real and aliens were visiting us. To let the world know, he urged the UN to create an international agency that would recognize the problem and seriously investigate it.

According to CUN President Roberto Pinotti and the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), Project Titan would replace Grenada’s previous UFO project.

Founding members of ICER were invited to a China-backed UAP project that resulted in two international congresses in 2018 – the first in Chongqin, China, and the second in Moscow, Russia – before the organization was formally formed in 2021.

A third congress was supposed to be pivotal, with Heze in China formally requesting the UN in May 2019. However, Chinese organizers repeatedly postponed it before abandoning it altogether.

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