Caves with temperatures suitable for human existence have been discovered on the Moon. Some researchers claim that these formations may have been created by humans or extraterrestrials.


The fact is that the lunar surface has a very large range of temperature fluctuations. It is very hot there during the day and extremely cold at night.

On average, during the day on the solar side of the satellite, the heat can reach almost + 130 degrees, and at night it can drop to – 175 degrees. It turns out that for permanent human habitation on the moon, special suits and modules are needed that can withstand such a sudden change in temperature.

But, two caves have been discovered on the moon that amaze astronomers. For some reason, the temperature in their cavities is stable, plus 60-70 degrees.

That is, acceptable conditions for the existence of life. Another important advantage is protection against meteorites. The caves are located near a crater and are nearly a hundred meters deep, thus forming a natural tunnel.

American researchers are seriously considering using this discovery to build a lunar science base there. For a more detailed study of the find, a research apparatus will be sent to the caves in the next five years.

Currently, using thermal imaging cameras and a spectroscope, scientists are determining the temperature and depth of the formations. The next step will be to study the caves from the inside to understand how they appeared on the moon.

American ufologists believe that they could not have occurred naturally. Most likely, the reasons for their formation are the breaking of lunar rocks. This means that contact with representatives of an unknown civilization, or at least the discovery of artifacts, is quite possible if we manage to land a rover in or around these caves.

About 15 years ago, astrophysicist Kiril Butusov says he saw through his telescope how two triangular UFOs descended into a crater on the surface of the Moon and began to pierce the ground. But then almost no one listens to the words of the researcher…

Many ufologists believe that aliens use these caves for some purpose. Sometimes UFOs fly to Earth’s satellite and hide in its craters. Maybe they flow into these caves that serve as entrances to larger moon cavities?

If this is the case, the constant comfortable temperature can be explained by special installations of aliens or humans, which create conditions for habitation of near-human species.

For now, this is nothing more than a hypothesis that has yet to be confirmed or disproved.

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