Are Crop Circles Really From Aliens?

Aliens create crop circles, right? But, are crop circles really alien?

Over the past 60 years, countless questions like these have been raised and scrutinized, but the truth is, we are still no closer to understanding crop circles than we were when they hit the headlines.

Honestly, despite the ongoing investigation, the recent discoveries of extraterrestrial life may have caused a small decline in interest in crop circles.

One such discovery is the recent release of photos by the US government.

However, many in the UFO world and extraterrestrial enthusiasts are still fascinated by the subject of crop circles and whether they are created by aliens.

One of the most renowned experts in UFO studies is Barbara Lamb. She has carried out extensive research on the subject of extraterrestrial contact experiences and is a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

She is experienced and well-researched in the field of crop circles, however. Although her study has recently been heavily focused on contact experiences, she and co-author Judith Moore wrote the seminal book Crop Circles Revealed: Language of Light Symbols in 2001.

Before releasing Crop Circles Revealed, Lamb spent over ten years touring the country.

The appeal of crop circles, their creation and their meaning were some of the topics discussed.

The two questions that have long piqued my interest came up when talking to Barbara Lamb about this topic:

…crop circles are made by aliens simply because they are capable and resistant to receiving alien messages?

Bear in mind that it is still unclear whether they are artificial or made by aliens.

Are Aliens in Crop Circles Sending Messages to Each Other?
But let’s imagine that they were created by extraterrestrials.

Do we not understand the purpose behind its creation? Many people believe they are sending us a message.

However, could they be signals and communications to other ETs?

When I asked Lamb these questions during our recent conversation, she was captivated by them.

It supports the extraterrestrial hypothesis, despite the fact that it is not yet known who is responsible for these harvest patterns.

“Oh, what great questions.”

“First of all, we don’t know for sure whether these patterns are made by extraterrestrial beings.”

“But I personally feel strongly that’s where they come from.”

“They’re coming from above and they’re coming from another intelligence that’s outside of our planet probably by what we consider extraterrestrial beings from other planets out there in the cosmos.”

The Supernatural Event That Sparked Your Interest
What can only be characterized as a one-off supernatural event sparked Lamb’s interest in crop circles.

She was in the classroom. She seemed drawn to a crop circle that was pictured on a bulletin board.

What happened next piqued his interest in these enigmatic patterns.

“My first take when I first realized there was such a thing as crop circles was when I was at a large speaking forum.”

“And I noticed in the lecture program that there was a funny little sticker that was actually a crop circle”.

I really didn’t know what it was other than a little pattern.”

“And the title of the talk would be something like ‘Mysterious Patterns in the Fields of Great Britain.

“Well I saw that and immediately what felt like a burst of light through my body.”

“That’s how I felt.”

“And then, immediately after that flash, I thought, ‘oh, we are being communicated with by beings out there.

“At that time, several months passed before I had my first regression session with a person who was having extraterrestrial experiences.””Crop circles came first in my life for six months or so.”

The purpose of crop circles
Everyone seems to have a different explanation for the formation of crop circles.

It’s okay, says Lamb. She has given the above two questions serious consideration. She has done a lot of research on the subject but is still not sure of its purpose or message.“We can only guess what their purpose is. But it certainly seems to be a wake-up call of sorts.”

“I think for a lot of people, knowing about crop circles makes them think, ‘Gee, maybe there’s more to reality than we thought, or maybe there’s something else that we didn’t know is making these patterns. What could it be?'”

“A lot of people have kind of been awakened to the reality of extraterrestrial life because of the crop circle phenomenon.”“And so, in all fairness, we have to say that there are a lot of people who don’t think in those terms. Everything is fine”.

“And they think the crop circles were somehow plucked out of the earth, as if the earth somehow had these patterns.”

“There are actually a huge number of different theories.”

“And even at this very moment, I don’t think anyone knows the whole truth about crop circles.”

In the interview that follows, Lamb examines the claim that crop circles are extraterrestrial.

In addition, she investigates whether anyone has ever witnessed the formation of a crop circle, the distinction between real and fake designs, and whether there is a link between each of the real circles formed globally.

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