Do the Ojuelos STONES represent ETs in the past? Are real?

History should be rewritten and this is becoming increasingly clear with the number of new archaeological and scientific discoveries that have been made over the last decade. Despite the fact that some objects are always tried to be ridiculed or labeled false (sometimes it has to be done), what is clear is that it cannot be done with all of them, since in this case the evidence is so overwhelming that it escapes from the hands of the most orthodox science.

You already know that when I carry out investigations with vestiges (objects, artifacts, rocks, tools) I always try to see both sides of the coin, investigating in the deepest way to be able to clarify if it is a real object or another fake within this world. information overload that enslaves us.

And I have to say that in this case, after a long investigation I have come to the conclusion that the Ojuelos pieces are completely real, and I will explain why below. But first let’s see what these extraordinary pieces are all about.

The Pieces of Eyelets

They are pieces in which we can find carved figures, inlaid objects and fantastic drawings.
These stones, through scientific analysis have been dated around 10,000 years old.

At first glance, what (obviously) most attracts our attention are the drawings drawn where spaceships can be clearly seen, which come to be the typical flying saucers that the Hopi Indians told us about in their legends and that they described as luminous discs.

A large number of beings unlike humans are also observed, with slanted eyes and elongated skulls. Something very curious since I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel talking about these beings with an elongated skull that supposedly have been living with us since before the Ice Age.
We also see other representations of humans in an Aztec-Maya style spotting and interacting with these spaceships.

In addition, some beings similar to reptiles and with scales can be seen, something that is also related to the ancient legends of the Hopi Indians and the Cherokee tribes that referred to these beings that descended as the Kachina, which translated would come to mean something like The Brothers. Snake.

The Mayan calendar, pregnant women and offerings of babies to these ships are also present in these stones, something that inevitably reminds us of that number of stories from ancient legends as current contactees discuss mating and hybridization issues with beings from other planets.

Well, having already described the characteristics that these pieces have, which are not a few, but rather make a battery of more than 300 each one different from the other, we are going to analyze them and explain why I think they are real. .

These pieces have been found in the town of Ojuelos in Jalisco (Mexico) and for about 50-60 years various families from this place have been collecting and keeping them as gold cloth.
Until in 2013 this extravagant news broke that made the strange pieces known.
It is normal that when seeing the drawings and so on, many people may think that they have been carved “recently” to be exhibited later, but my opinion is that it is not, and to explain it we are going to appeal to logic.

If we look at these drawings we can appreciate how they have cracks and in some pieces they are jagged, but if we look carefully at the lines of the drawing we can see how they pass under these samples or small broken fragments, that is, apparently the drawings were made before the small nicks.

And of course, if the families have been keeping them safe, it is not understood that these broken pieces have been caused throughout these 50-60 years that they have been keeping. In addition, I think that it is clearly seen how they are broken pieces from perhaps millennia ago and not from a few years ago.

Other things that I have noticed to come to the conclusion that these figures are really real is their inlays.
We can also observe figures of ships or elongated heads that have inlays, inlays of gold, sapphire and other precious elements that are perfectly appreciated as inlays made at least 3,000 years ago, typical of the Mayans and Aztecs.

Therefore, here we are no longer talking about simple drawings that anyone with free time and imagination can capture on a rock, we are talking about figures in the shape of spaceships and elongated heads with ancient inlays.

That is, it does not coincide that they are recently made pieces due to their characteristics.

Chemical analyzes of these pieces have also been made and various conclusions have been reached, also making observations:


Both samples present reddish stains and, according to the semiquantitative analysis, it makes us think of the use of clay rich in iron and fired in an oxidizing atmosphere.
“Losses on fire” as indicated by the analysis are greater than 15% and considering that these losses were made at 845°C allows us to get an idea that the firing was carried out at a lower temperature, we could think that the “burning” was carried out directly in an open oven at a temperature between 650-750 ºC; this is the way primitive pottery was fired.
The low presence of CaO in both pieces implies the use of natural earths, free of lime or in a very small proportion, which facilitates the use of varnishes; however, the use of varnishes requires temperatures between 800° and 900°.
The use of Zinc oxide is commonly used as an excellent color modifier, it is used to obtain crystallized stoneware or porcelain covers and together with Ag2O it gives a metallic finish.


Based solely on the interpretation of the only thing we have, the chemical analysis, we can infer that the person who made the pieces did not know the process of covers and enamels as it is currently known, for which the characteristics do not coincide 100% with any Today’s type of glaze, we might think that they used stoneware principles in the composition but at a lower temperature, which completely changes the finish.

Stoneware covers or glazes give good results with oxidizing or reducing atmospheres, they generally use a reducing atmosphere at the beginning and a neutral or oxidizing atmosphere at the end, in the evaluated pieces an oxidizing atmosphere was used.
Considering that the analysis is semiquantitative and the amount used in the analysis was very small, it cannot be ruled out that some component has not been evaluated, which would affect the interpretation.

In other words, conclusions have been reached that do not 100% explain their true origin and creation, something that would not happen if they were pieces made during the 20th century.
Another aspect that has not yet been verified is the lines of the drawings. Despite having been exposed to various chemical analyses, it is not possible to explain how or with what tool these drawings were made.

Something that reminds us a lot of those strange rocks of Puma Punku and their more than perfect carvings that surpass even the diamond-edged mechanical saws.
Making a brief parenthesis, I would like us to look at something that I have come across while analyzing the stones.

I have come across a drawing, a drawing of a face, which I don’t know about you but it reminds me a lot of the discovery and video that Iván Martínez made on his channel where he shows us what is apparently an authentic head of what it possibly was a statue or figure.

The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

Continuing with the theme, if there is something that has really made me trust the veracity of these stones, it has been the full disposition of Pablo Enrique García Sánchez and César Felipe Leiva, who are the pioneer members of the Nahui-Ollin association, an association in charge of expanding both the information of the Ojuelos pieces but also to report news related to new discoveries in the Jalisco area.

And if I say that these two people have made me fully trust, it is because they have been making small documentaries of their own, contributing to small radio stations and little-known Internet programs explaining the subject of the pieces without receiving any compensation, and most importantly, repeating one and Once again, absolutely all the pieces found are at the full disposal of the scientific community so that they can be subjected to the necessary analyzes and it can be shown that they are completely true.
And the truth is that this gesture says a lot about the confidence they have in the authenticity of the pieces.

It is clear that we have been visited in the remote past by more advanced beings and higher intelligences. Surely our DNA is directly related to yours.
The proofs and evidences are there and you just have to open your eyes, put aside the prejudices that society has implanted in us and investigate and search, because whoever seeks finds.

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