How 3 experienced Spanish pilots spoke with UFOs, the truth in 1968

Cómo 3 experimentados pilotos españoles hablaron con ovnis pero la verdad en 1968 1

How 3 experienced Spanish pilots spoke with UFOs, the truth in 1968
On November 4, 1968, a Spanish IBERIA IB-249 plane took off from London to Alicante via route B31 piloted by Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres, co-pilot Juan Seldran García and flight engineer José Cuenca Paneque.
Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres. He started flying at the age of 17, was an officer in the Spanish Air Force for 40 years, flew for King Juan Carlos de Borbón, was a fighter pilot in the Sahara and director of an aviation school.

Simply put, he was a seasoned pilot with combat experience who could be classified as a highly professional pilot with over 28,000 flight hours.

The story of how 3 experienced pilots talked to a UFO.

Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres.

Crew Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres:

“At that time I was the commander of the Caravelle. When we arrived in Barcelona, ​​the airport controller ordered us to land, which was strange. But I thought it might be planes, so we were forced to land. So I told the co-pilot, Juan Celdrán García, to watch outside in case he saw a plane coming towards us.

Later, the announcer said that on a higher level they saw a plane coming towards us. We were at FL310 approaching Barcelona and the controller told us to land at 280, that is, 8.5 km (28,000 ft).

There was some turbulence at this level and I asked the co-pilot to be alert. After a moment, Juan warned me: “I see. But it wasn’t another plane.”

It was a very powerful light. Too strong for aircraft interior lighting. It came down from above and landed right in front of us. I told the co-pilot not to report the object yet because it didn’t look like a normal plane.

A strange light appeared very close. It was only 10 meters from the nose of our plane. Suddenly, another light appeared in the center, similar to a ball, and it was of a different color. The color changed from white to blue to grayish.

The most unusual thing was that it was throbbing, as if “breathing.” As if it had a life of its own. At that time, we also saw two other lights, slightly smaller and of the same color, located on the sides of the main light.

The object was flying in front of us, keeping a clear distance and maintaining the same speed as us. There were three objects, a large one in the center and two smaller ones nearby, but they were so synchronized that they seemed to be a single object. The light was very strong.

Me, the co-pilot and the aircraft technician observed what was happening and then I called the stewardess. We ask him if he also saw this light. He said yes and asked what it was. We said we didn’t know, we just wanted to make sure he saw it too.

Then the light went out. And she turned it on again. The object came closer to us and, to our astonishment, began to make incredible movements around the plane. But at such speed that we barely had time to follow it with our eyes.

This went on for ten minutes. So I contacted the controller: “For his information, I report that an unidentified object is approaching and moving away from the aircraft.

The air traffic controllers at the Barcelona airport asked us for a “transponder”, which is a radar detection code. The UFO continued to circle around us, making these amazing turns. Various twists and maneuvers designed to destroy the people inside. No living creature could withstand such an overload.

It seemed to us that this object was alive. He reminded me of a giant human eye. These “veins”, or whatever they were, intertwined and were of different shades. This light, as I said, was pulsating. I actually connected it to something alive.

Cómo 3 experimentados pilotos españoles hablaron con ovnis pero la verdad en 1968 2

The UFO began to play around the plane at will. Takeoff, landing, approach, separation and maneuvers in a straight line or in a parabola. I have been flying since I was seventeen and I know that the human body cannot handle G forces of more than 5 degrees. If this limit is exceeded, loss of consciousness occurs. Whatever antigravity suit you’re wearing.

This object violated all the laws of physics. It flew at a right angle and drew hyperbolas and parabolas, and then suddenly jumped from one point to another. It was crazy.

We turned on all the lights on the plane and started screaming. He began to react in the same way. Every time we changed the lighting, he did the same. If we turned on the light, he turned on the light. It was clear that he was talking to us.

I asked questions first in English and he didn’t answer, then in Spanish and I don’t know if he understood the words or read my mind, but when I said one blink per question means yes, and two blinks means no. , »he replied.

In total, I asked the UFO about 20 questions, to which I received simple answers. However, I can’t report all the questions asked, as I was clearly told that to avoid trouble, I shouldn’t talk about it. I was told that it happens that people slip in the bathroom or cross the street in the wrong place.

I can only name the first three questions I asked this UFO:

Commander: Are you from this galaxy?
UFO: a flash of light

Commander: Do you have friendly intentions?
UFO: a flash of light

Commander. Is this a busy ship?
UFO: a flash of light

They were from our galaxy, they were friendly, but something about our nuclear technology bothered them.

Cómo 3 experimentados pilotos españoles hablaron con ovnis pero la verdad en 1968 3

Then the UFO took off. It just flew away. Later we landed. I was summoned by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Aleu Padreni, who at that time was in charge of the alert and surveillance network in the Barcelona area.

The Lieutenant Colonel asked me many questions about UFO sightings. At that time, the military was very frank and told me that the Air Force commander knew what had happened and that air surveillance radars in Siesta, Samba, Kansas and Embargo recorded three unidentified objects moving at the same speed as my plane for some time.

Even the Bolero radar in Constantin’s Seville was capable of detecting targets. It was even documented: they showed me the radar data, and I even asked for a paper copy of the radar data, and they gave it to me on the condition that this data would not be distributed.

When this incident was reported in the press, Lieutenant Colonel Ugarte and another soldier showed up at my home in Madrid and demanded that I immediately hand over “everything he has that does not belong to him.” I was forced to transmit radar records showing this UFO approaching my plane.

But it was too late, the case went beyond secrecy and the press finally found out. General Lacalier was then Minister of Aviation. And he said: “No, people are not ready for this yet. We can’t tell you about it.”

It was made official. The case was investigated and the press was told (in an official press release) that the pilots had seen the planet Venus.

That was it. What I can do? We told him what we saw, but we didn’t try to prove anything. The co-pilot has become the captain of a passenger plane and is he willing to risk his career? Nobody wants to risk his career or his life.

“You know, the funny thing is that before all this happened to me, I didn’t believe in UFOs. This topic made me laugh a lot, it made me laugh, as well as the people who believe in UFOs… And now I know for sure that THIS is in our sky,” Commander Huang said.

“Given what they are, the unattainable and unimaginable technological capabilities they possess, I have no doubt that these are spacecraft from other worlds.”

“Will the day come when our civilization realizes that intelligent and super-technological beings are visiting us? I hope that one day we will pull our heads out of the hole and abandon our current ostrich policy,” he added.

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