UFO sighting: Crescent-shaped “anomaly” stuns UFO expert – “Like none I have ever seen”

The supposed alien UFO was photographed over Seattle, Washington, although the eyewitness did not spot it until the following day. Conspiracy theorist and UFO aficionado Scott C Waring believes the mystery object may have been cloaked and hidden from sight but was still picked up by an iPhone 11 camera. Mr Waring, who shared the discovery online, said the UFO was unlike anything he has ever seen.

He said on his blog ET Data Base: “Guys, this is a great example of a UFO getting caught due to the digital eye seeing what the human eye cannot.”

The UFO or unidentified flying object appears to be crescent-shaped with four distinct blobs of blue light.

Just below the UFO is Rainier Square Tower, which is still under construction.

Some sceptics have suggested it is not a UFO but a lens flare caused by the iPhone’s polarised lenses.

UFO sighting: Some people believe aliens are already here on Earth in places like Area 51 (Image: EXPRESS)

He said: “Why didn’t the person see it on the camera screen?

“Easy, this is during the day and looks very bright, have you ever tried to look at the screen of your phone on a sunny day?

“It’s near impossible, you always need to walk to shade to fully see everything on the screen.

“Well…that’s what happened here. And the UFO is like none I have ever seen before.”

The UFO was originally photographed on July 4 and shared to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) organisation.

MUFON is an international collaboration of UFO experts collecting and analysing public UFO sightings.

The photo was taken in downtown Seattle along Fifth Avenue.

The person who took the photo wrote in their eyewitness statement: “We texted the photo to our daughters on our ’Family’ text group, and didn’t notice anything unusual with the picture at the time.

UFO sighting: Do you believe aliens are visiting the planet? (Image: GETTY)

The next morning, upon closer examination, we noticed an irregularity in the skyline, and upon enhancing the photo – it appears to be a disc-shaped object – the exterior surface is not visible, it blends with the sky – with three visible oblong, turquoise/teal coloured windows, and a fourth much smaller light in the top NE corner of the photo which appears to be displaying visible light beams.

“The windows also appear to be outlined in a visible white vibration. Of note, this building has a unique design, with non-standard window features, so perhaps the reflection of the sun is causing this anomaly, however, the colour and shape of the objects’ windows and surrounding vibration, don’t seem to align with the sun reflection theory.”

However, it is more likely the UFO is a lens flare caused by direct sunlight falling on the camera’s lens.

Lens flares can be circular or streaked across the photograph.

According to Digital-Photography-School.com, lens flares are more prone to affect wide-angle lenses.

The iPhone 11 boasts a fairly wide 26mm camera, which is roughly the equivalent of a 35mm film negative.

Andrew Gibson of Digital-Photography-School.com said: “Flare is caused by direct light hitting the front of the lens (this is called ‘non image forming light’).

“This can happen with any lens, but wide-angle lenses are more prone to this than longer focal lengths because of their greater angle-of-view.

“The easiest way to prevent flare is to make sure that there is no direct light shining on the lens.”

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