Nikola Tesla, the secret of antigravity, which harnesses the power of the universe

Nikola Tesla, the secret of antigravity, which harnesses the power of the universe In our pages, we have often talked about the forgotten genius of the textbooks Nikola Tesla.

A brilliant mind, a man who seemed to come from the future (and who knows, maybe he actually came from the future).

More than 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla understood technologies that we still don’t understand. In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla spoke of anti-gravity technology, flying saucers powered by certain Tesla coils, and the “ether” that gave rise to the life-creating force.

“I have worked out the dynamic theory of gravitation in all its details, and I hope to be able to communicate it to the world soon.”

Most of the things you see around you today, like electricity, radio, drones, fluorescent lights, neon lights, radar, microwave ovens, and dozens of other amazing inventions, are a creation. From: Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla is a man missing from the history books but responsible for the futuristic technology we enjoy today that this genius predicted over a century ago.
But Tesla’s mind went beyond traditional technologies. In fact, Nikola Tesla registered an interesting patent in 1928. Patent number 1,655.1 describes a flying machine that closely resembled an airplane and a helicopter. A patent for a vehicle that required a propulsion system. (Wikipedia source)

Before his death, Nikola Tesla developed the “Space Drive” or anti-electromagnetic field propulsion system.

In 1897, when Tesla presented his dynamic theory of gravitation, he said that all bodies emit microwaves whose voltage and frequency are determined by their electrical content and relative motion.

More than a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla was able to measure the microwave radiation of our planet and concluded that its wavelength is only a few centimeters.
Tesla went on to say that the speed and mass of our planet had a strong effect on the frequency and voltage of microwave radiation from Earth. Gravitational interactions with other celestial bodies, such as the sun, have been determined by microwave interactions between celestial bodies.

Tesla confirmed this by placing two metal plates some distance apart and electrifying them with high-voltage, high-frequency currents (“Tesla currents” or “microwaves”). At a high enough voltage and frequency, the gap between them became “solid”. He also worked on a plate by suspending a sheet of zinc (1/8-inch thick x 12-inches square, weighing about two pounds) in the air.

But Tesla didn’t just know “otherworldly” technology, he went further and explored other fascinating topics that eventually led him into the ether.

Speaking about his research, in an unpublished article on humanity’s greatest achievement, Tesla described his dynamic theory of gravitation by saying that “the light ether fills all space.”

Tesla said that the ether affects the creative force of life. The ether is thrown in “infinite vortices” (“microhelices”) near the speed of light, so it is a matter of consideration. then the force decreases and the movement stops, the matter returns to the ether (in the form of “atomic disintegration”).

Humanity can use the following processes: – “deposited” ethereal matter – creating everything with derived matter and energy – The other dimensions of Earth – The seasons of Earth (time control) – Traveling through the universe The Earth is like a spaceship – Planetary collisions produce new suns and stars, heat and light

– The origin and evolution of life in infinite forms

Interestingly, Tesla went beyond inventions and achieved something great. In fact, when we read about Nikola Tesla’s “Ether”, we realize how much this great mind was ahead of the rest of the world.

“I have found out all the details and hope to make it public as soon as possible. I have satisfactorily explained the cause of the force and how it affects the motion of existing celestial bodies, removing all guesswork and misunderstanding, such as curved space. The observed movement of the object can only be explained by the presence of the welding force, which is considered to be independent of the curvature of space. All literature on this subject is meaningless and doomed to oblivion. All are attempts to explain the workings of the universe without acknowledging the existence of the ether and its integral role in this phenomenon. “

All of the above can be understood as Tesla saying that with the help of science, people can become one with the Creator.
The infinite powers are already there, we don’t have to invent them, we just have to find a way to see them, feel them and use them to the fullest for humanity. Tesla may have figured out a way, but the rest of humanity isn’t ready for it.

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