The Alien Who Invited Me Into His Spaceship

El Extraterrestre Que Me Invitó A Entrar En Su Nave Espacial

José C. Higgins witnessed a peculiar encounter with Humanoid Extraterrestrial beings, the case occurred in Baurú, a town in the state of Sao Paulo, Paraná region, west of the Goio-Bang neighborhood, Brazil.

The topographer José C. Higgins, recounts that he was on July 23, 1947, in the municipality of Baurú, doing some topographical work, when, when crossing one of the rare open fields in the region, he heard a deep whistle and serious that quickly caught your attention. Looking up at the sky, he then saw something that gave him goosebumps: a strange airship with a circular shape, with edges similar to those of a medical capsule. The men accompanying José C. Higgins fled in terror at that event, but José C. decided to remain without knowing why and awaited the events.

The UFO traveled the terrain in a closed circle and landed gently about 50 meters from the place where Jese C. was, it is estimated that the object was about 30 meters in diameter, and 5 meters high, the UFO was crossed by tubes in various directions, 6 of which let a whistle be heard hoarse (without giving off smoke)

The legs of the unidentified flying object upon touching the ground arched a little more, the color of the ship seemed to be ashen white, different from the color of silver.

The witness made out a wall that revealed a window, provided with glass or perhaps something similar, behind that glass he saw two people who were examining him with an air of curiosity, at first glance he verified that the humanoids were strange-looking.

After a few seconds, one of the alien humanoids turned to the interior of it and a door opened from below, giving way to three humanoids sheathed in some kind of transparent shade that completely wrapped the head and everything, and that was swollen like a car tire (hull). On their backs they carried a metallic backpack, which seemed to me to be an integral part of their clothing. Through that window you could perfectly see the people dressed in T-shirt, pants and sandals, not made of cloth, I think, but made of glossy paper.

The humanoid being had very round and large eyes, without eyebrows, but with eyelashes. The head was bald. They had neither a mustache nor a beard, a large round head, legs longer than the common or known proportions. As for the height, it was approximately 2.10 cm, since the witness is (1.80 cm) and approximates that the extraterrestrial beings were 30 cm taller than him.

The humanoid beings were very similar to each other, to the point of looking like twins, both those who were inside the window and those who were outside.

One of them had in his hand a tube made of the same metal as the device, and he was pointing that small tube at me. He could see that they were talking to each other. He heard the words perfectly, but he did not understand them. The aliens spoke in a language the witness had never heard.

Despite their great and advantaged bearing, the beings moved with incredible lightness and agility, forming a triangle around me. The alien wielding the tube cordially invited me into his mighty spaceship.

José approached the door and could only see a small cubicle. «He began to speak making gestures so that they understood him, asking where they wanted to take him,

They apparently understood the gesticulation and the one who seemed to me the leader drew a sphere on the ground surrounded by seven circles. Wishing to point to the sun in space, he indicated the seventh circle to me, then pointed to the ship. The witness was dumbfounded with such an unusual invitation. And he wondered to himself “Leave the world alive? Nope! That wasn’t for me!” Faced with this perspective, he reflected, “It was impossible for me to fight, because they outnumbered me and were physically stronger. So I had an idea. I had observed that they avoided setting in the Sun. So I went towards the shadow and taking my wallet out of my pocket, I showed them the photograph of my wife, telling them through gestures that I wanted to go look for her.”

These beings did not stop me. I left thanking God very much, I went into the thicket, from where I began to observe them. They played like children, jumping and throwing huge stones into the distance.

Approximately half an hour passed, after looking curiously and carefully at the surroundings, they entered the device, which rose into the air with the same beep. Rising, it headed north, quickly disappearing into the clouds.

In the words of the witness referring to the language of the extraterrestrial beings:

I only remember two words: “Mamo” and “Or que”, the one that was to designate the Sun and that this is the seventh circle of the drawing.

If I could be sure that he would have returned, God knows where I would be at this hour!

Could it have been a dream? Was it reality? Sometimes I doubt that this has really happened, because it could well be that all this has not happened to be a strange but beautiful dream.»

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