Keyhole: Unlocking the Secret Geometry of the UFO Enigma

Will Hart is a writer and photojournalist who has been investigating UFOs and the mysteries of history since 1968. He has appeared on the TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’ and his work has been featured in Atlantis Rising, New Dawn, UFO and Nature Photography. .

In my latest book Ancient Alien Ancestors, I present several discoveries, one of which I want to review briefly. I say ‘discovery’, which implies, more or less, that I went through a research process and located it.

It happened that way, but not quite. I had been studying the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt for a long time, but the Byzantine nature of the puzzle started to overload me. The puzzles of that building are many, tangled and impossibly complex. Without coming to a mental breakdown, I let it go for a while.

One morning I woke up with the compelling idea of ​​experimentally shifting the prime meridian from Greenwich 0 to Giza, longitude 31 east. That made Giza the new longitude 0 (actually Giza/Nile River Delta). I didn’t plan for this scenario; the idea came to me first thing in the morning when I woke up.

Next, I got a map and looked at the Mississippi River Delta, 89 W longitude. I then added 31 to that and got 120 degrees! That is a very significant number in geometry, especially when we are talking about the Earth and the Great Pyramid.

Greenwich’s cousin had obscured that fact, and no one was pointing out this exact relationship between the Nile and Mississippi deltas. They both sit at 30 N latitude, exactly 120 degrees apart.

Now consider that the Nile flows from south to north; the Mississippi from north to south. I realized that they were inverted mirror images of each other. Something was up with this. I also realized that it was a very big anomaly. So is the latitude of 30 N, which is rarely mentioned.

I later discovered that the Tigris-Euphrates was exactly 15 degrees east of Giza; the Yangtze delta 90 degrees E as well and both at parallel 30 N. The question that popped into my head: what is behind these rivers that flow into deltas, along a single north latitude around the world?

I know of no geological dynamics that would logically explain this and I have never heard a geologist attempt it. Erosion, deposition, flooding: they are all random processes. Then there was the fact that the first civilizations arose in these river valleys at latitude 30 N. Another anomaly.

When the sum of a lot of facts results in a puzzle, people look for the answer or attribute it to a “coincidence”. A quaint and superficial concept that explains nothing unless one has a simple mind. It reveals a bias towards thinking that the universe is based on random variables… silly! You can check the above in my book.

Anomalies as clues to the big picture
What is an anomaly? Basically anything that doesn’t fit the pattern, or expectations, “something that deviates from the standard, the normal,” says the dictionary.

I realized, after many decades of studying anomalies, that they are the Achilles’ heel of modern science and academia. When these ‘experts’ are confronted with a serious anomaly (i.e. the Great Pyramid), they abandon the scientific method, circle the wagons and become babbling idiots.

The nonsense being said about how this massive, precision-engineered building was built is quite shocking. We are led to believe that it was built by people using stone hammers, wooden sledges and ropes.

They present a scenario that is so unlikely that it short-circuits even normally rational minds. People who used Stone Age technology were not able to build such a sophisticated building.

Our scholars are either stupid or just plain liars. Never mind, the Egyptians somehow did it, case closed. Closed minds, anomaly removed, everyone goes home. The problem is that the anomaly and the response are like a computer virus. It grows, spreads and starts causing fragmentation and loss of system integrity.

Already a substantial number of people around the world completely reject orthodox theories. If enough anomalies accumulate, credibility and trust become real issues. We are now approaching that tipping point of critical mass.

UFOs exist, but again they don’t, because they shouldn’t according to the laws of physics. abnormalities Nothing in our rule-based 3D material dimension can come and go in an instant.

Also, it’s impossible to see events in the future because it hasn’t happened in linear time yet, right? Wrong.

Mental, psychic and paranormal phenomena do occur and have been scientifically observed in controlled settings. Scientist Russell Targ noted his experiences while investigating such phenomena in the following quote.

“Stanford Research Institute (SRI) conducted research on the human mind’s ability to expand consciousness, also called remote viewing, in which people can visualize distant places and future events and activities. For two decades, SRI research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies. I was a co-founder of this once secret program that started in 1972.” (See ‘The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities’,

Prime Meridian experimentally switched from Greenwich 0 to Giza.

Since these phenomena exist but shouldn’t according to the rules that supposedly govern the dimension we live in, they are anomalies. As such, official science shows them the back door and politely asks them to leave and not come back. However, the fact that they exist puts us in a paradoxical position.

It seems that we live in a Universe that is, in reality, much more complex and inexplicable. However, these anomalies must be explained and accounted for.

Quantum nature of reality
Now our vision of normal begins to warp. As shown above, scientific research has shown that paranormal phenomena are real (that was one study, there’s more). However, we must keep in mind that these things are strange only in the context of the rules defined by physicists.

They have a model of the cosmos and our place in it. That model is based on the existence of an external universe that exists independently of our observations. In that model, objects exist in three-dimensional space.

In fact, that description is not the most recent update. There is quantum vision, version 2.0, now in the hands of many scientists. The above was actually Newton’s mechanical model that existed until Einstein exploited it.

In his model of relativity, the space/time continuum is an interdependent whole. We cannot have space without time and objects need to exist and move. It’s a package. Quantum mechanics came along and changed everything. There is no external universe made of solid objects that exist in space independently of our observations.

What really exists is an inexplicable paradox. Our observations change the underlying conditions of the universe. We are in a tangled presence. No pure objectivity is possible because our very observation changes the field.

Objects are vibrating fields made up of waves of energy. Well, that is unless they are particles made up of quantum units. We have a situation where the smallest fundamental components of the observable universe are called waves.

Furthermore, experiments show that light quanta that are emitted in opposite directions maintain their connection to each other. Each photon is affected by what happens to its twin, even millions of miles away, if one gets hit, the other feels it.

Physicist David Bohm performed those experiments. Now, we are beginning to talk about a universe in which UFOs and psychic phenomena can and do exist. This is good for me because I’ve been studying these things for 40 years, and people thought I was a fringe dweller, or worse.

You have no doubt seen and thought about holograms, those two-dimensional graphics that appear to be three-dimensional. They may have the key that unlocks the door and helps explain the abnormalities. Here is a definition of what is behind a hologram.

“The Holographic Principle holds that the information describing all particles of matter and vibrations of energy in most of the sphere fundamentally ‘lives’ at the boundary of the sphere.”

In plain language, the shape of a 3D object is completely embedded at every point on a two-dimensional surface. Holograms are formed when a beam of light hits a plate and emits refracted interference patterns. They contain the image of the hologram. It only exists as a field of light in space that appears to be three dimensional. So far the technical explanation. We both know what they look like and they are essentially illusions.

There is no 3D object floating in space. But knowing that doesn’t change the fact that we see an object floating in space. Strange, yes, and welcome to the paranormal dimension of the holographic universe.

my ufo encounter
All of this is relevant to my research and thinking about Ancient Aliens. For me, this whole process started in the late 1960s. I was living in Scandinavia and I had a UFO encounter.

I was shocked to the bone. At that moment my world view was shattered, and I had to try to explain it. Shortly after, Erich von Däniken’s book Chariots of the Gods? he left. I got a copy and was captivated by the possibilities it suggested.

We forget, at least those of my age, that those were the heady days of the space race, men setting foot on the Moon, UFO fluttering headlines for two decades and so on.

Suddenly this new book comes out hinting that maybe Earth was visited by aliens in the past. Perhaps these ancient puzzles found all over the Earth, like the pyramids, had an explanation: the ancient astronauts.

That proposal dovetailed with the images of our astronauts in spacesuits boarding a capsule before launch. ‘Star Trek’ and decades of science fiction novels and movies reinforced the concept of long-distance space travel in 3D (hardware) spacecraft.

An archetype began to form. UFOs were advanced spacecraft piloted by aliens who were physicists like us…but different. The simple formula was that the ancient astronauts had landed their ships on Earth, the humans had bioengineered it and they were gone.

In 1970 I remember what NASA promised. The next phase of space exploration was to establish a lunar colony. After that, manned missions to Mars. The entire fictional environment of science fiction was being spun as if it were real science.

Here we are almost 50 years later waiting for the still-promised lunar mission. It keeps getting postponed every few years. Why? In fact, NASA never really explained why they pulled the plug on the lunar mission back then.

I suspect some sticky substance splattered on the walls of mission control. They learned a few things, quite a lot actually, from the first manned missions. Nasty things about humans in gravity-free habitats rapidly losing muscle mass; unable to sleep; a whole list of nasty side effects, in fact.

I investigated the situation because I didn’t think NASA was passing the sniff test. Liar, liar, pants on fire. (NASA: Never a straight answer.) The deeper and deeper I thought about it, the more and more reality floated to the surface.

There seem to be some real intractable problems with extended spaceflight. The kind that pops bubbles and makes you stop and think. Example: A trip to Neptune compromises the astronaut’s ability, in deep space, to communicate with mission control on Earth. Why? It takes eight minutes for a signal to travel that far. That means around 20 minutes of response time in an emergency. That will not work. Extrapolate that scenario to interstellar space. We just hit the ‘Star Trek’ off switch.

No one is going to be sent on a suicide mission that costs hundreds of millions of dollars. We will never be so far away on the edge of the solar system and we will forget about interstellar space travel. That was pure fantasy.

I know this sounds strange coming from an Ancient Aliens theorist. But facts are facts, and they baffled me when I first discovered them. With the harmful health side effects along with the above, prolonged space travel is caput.

Is NASA informing the public of these naughty little details? Of course not! I could add the problems with a fail-safe oxygen generation system, but that’s overkill.

This impacted my entire psychology about ancient aliens and modern UFOs. I realized that any alien civilization in our Universe or dimension would face the same problems. In my last book I exposed this, however, I think I was too optimistic in my conclusions.

UFOs: through physical space or through portals?
Flashing back to the 1970s momentarily, I was struggling to understand the encounter I had in 1968. There was also a very senior scientist who had a similar experience and was also a UFO investigator. His name was Jacques Vallee [see article on page 45 of this issue].

Vallee had been on the team that developed the first prototype of the Internet. He had done design for NASA. I mean a smart guy. After years of researching the phenomenon, Vallee was unhappy with the aliens’ spaceship model in hardware. That was the prevailing thought at the time among the research community.

She wrote a book explaining his objections, Passport to Magonia. That was followed by a radical proposition: the aliens were not from our dimension, but came and went as they pleased. They had been engaged in this activity in the remote past up to the present day. This became the theory of the Interdimensional Parallel Universe, much discussed by many researchers at the time.

I was at a crossroads when that came out and it caused a lot of controversy. He had studied the phenomenon, all the anomalies, and he just couldn’t figure it out. In fact, I got to the point of being discouraged by the politicking among researchers. It was then that I chose to abandon the modern UFO phenomenon and focus on the mysteries of ancient history. I reasoned that maybe Vallee was right.

There were many strange stone megaliths scattered all over the planet. He couldn’t imagine how aliens from another dimension could manipulate them or why they would feel compelled to do so. I consciously (half-informed) decided to pursue the enigmas of the past.

My working hypothesis was that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization had seeded Earth, visited and bio-engineered humanity into a hybrid race, implanted a lot of knowledge into the Sumerians, and the story unfolded.

My approach was a hybrid of my own. I discovered an article written by two eminent scientists, Sir Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel [see Will Hart’s article “The Scientific Case for Alien Intervention” in New Dawn 167]. I was convinced that they had something with Directed Panspermia. They presented a bold refutation of Darwin’s doctrines and a good case for extraterrestrial intervention.

I still think your approach has a core of valid facts, and your work raises a lot of serious questions about evolution. Beyond that, how life arose on planet Earth.

Erich von Däniken was a popular writer, but these two were scientists. I took a middle course. Everything went pretty well for a while. Then, in the last few years, the psychological dissonance started to hit me. It took decades to traverse hundreds of ancient sites and many thousands of artifacts to get to it.

The problem was that if the aliens had come to Earth in spaceships, why hadn’t he seen a representation of them? I mean the ship they came and left on, that is. Hopefully the Sumerians, who claimed to live with the Annunaki, would have carved one on a stela somewhere. They carved many representations of the gods. All these anomalies, evidence of ancient high-tech, but no spacecraft…it didn’t add up.

Graphic representation of the original design of the Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun (Emperor Nintoku’s Mausoleum) with numerous smaller ones (located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan).

Instead, what he was finding were artifacts that suggested some sort of portal might have been used. That happened mainly in the last few years when I discovered two things that I had never noticed before or that I had but was focused on other priorities.

That was 1) the keyhole pattern found all over the world, and 2) the trapezoid embedded in a wide variety of ancient artifacts.

Step by step, as he needed it, new data was passed down, bringing new insights. I discovered and visited Japan to see your Keyhole Kofun. Massive structures surrounded by moats, hidden in plain sight. The Japanese do not promote them as a tourist attraction. In fact, a veil of strict security and secrecy surrounds them. The Royal Family owns and controls the principals. Incredibly, there are an estimated 150,000 Kofun spread across the country. Even archaeologists get the ‘no trespassing’ change.

In fact, there is a very deep level anomaly here. Keyhole structures resembling those in Japan have been found in the Arabian desert. I have found the pattern on sites all over the world. Perhaps most surprising is the obvious keyhole design of St. Peter’s Square.

At the same time, I came across trapezoidal windows, doors, cave entrances, wherever I looked. Nap! I realized in an instant. The Keyhole Kofun had a trapezoidal lower section and a circular section above.

Time passed and a larger bolt of lightning hit me. This was a bit of a shock. I was looking at some ‘pyramids’ and it suddenly dawned on me…those are not pyramids. They were not designed using a square base topped by four inward-sloping triangles. None of them met at a point at the top.

Kofun-like structure recently discovered on the planet Mars.

A square base was topped by four trapezoids. The structures were truncated to accommodate a platform at the top that supported a sun temple. We had westernized these structures and had triangles and pyramids in our minds. But they weren’t there, like the holographic images.

You cannot understand why the ancients built them by studying the geometry of triangles and true pyramids. The trapezoid is an embedded feature of ancient sites around the world. It’s the geometry we should have been investigating.

Structures in Harrat Khaybar, Saudi Arabia, with a distinctive keyhole design. These mysterious structures are estimated to be at least 9,000 years old.

What was the message that the ancients were trying to convey to us in those ways? Think of another trapezoid and circle combination, this little one. The ankh! Especially those from the first dynasty of Ancient Egypt that had a pure trapezoid below a perfect circle. It was later changed to a stem under a loop.

The message has to do with the nature and structure of the space/time continuum we inhabit. Keyhole. Like the phi code it was embedded in ancient buildings, including the pyramids. Today, scientists and programmers are rediscovering it. Now phi is built into algorithms in millions of software applications.

That ratio is a very deep secret related to how the structures of the universe are designed. At this point I have abandoned the hardware archetype. Don’t get the wrong idea; the concept was not so important in my last book. One of my goals in the volume is to present the best UFO evidence and to integrate Ancient Aliens with the modern UFO phenomenon. The phenomenon forms a continuum.

I feel compelled to examine the possibilities of interdimensional transit. I wonder what conditions would have to exist to facilitate it. I’m taking the keyhole and trapezoid shapes and trying to pierce that veil as well. The title of my next book will be Alien Presence…

About the Author: Will Hart is a writer and photojournalist who has been investigating UFOs and the mysteries of history since 1968. He has appeared on the television show ‘Ancient Aliens’ and his work has been featured in Atlantis Rising, New Dawn, UFO and Nature Photography. The author of The Genesis Race, and the recently published Ancient Alien Ancestors, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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