Huge UFO has been on the surface of the sun for over a year

UFO sightings near the Sun are often reported by ufologists, but this encounter is a little different.

Scott Waring, a well-known ufologist, has spotted a UFO that actually glides across the surface of the Sun.

The researcher claims that a triangle-shaped object has been gliding around the Sun’s surface for more than a year. This was spoken with reference to the Helioviewer photos.

According to Waring, the object’s size is comparable to that of the moon and is just massive.

The ufologist stated that he contacted NASA scientists via his Twitter account in an effort to learn more about this occurrence, but was unable to get a response. They also do not respond at all, according to the ufologist.

Images from NASA’s four cameras show that whatever it is is triangular in shape and has been navigating there for a long time (so it’s not an issue with one of the cameras).

When gliding across the Sun, the item maintains a lower temperature as it is not hot and is black. Most intriguingly, because it is in Earth’s field of view, it occasionally returns to its original position.

Scott Waring refers to observational data as irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations that are watching over Earth.


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