Who Really Built the Ancient Enormous Megaliths of Yangshan

There are so many bits of evidence scattered everywhere that support the idea that an ancient civilization of intelligent creatures lived on our planet, teaching us their ways and leading us towards a better future, but for some reason. This theory was never before attached to the enormous megaliths of Yangshan, despite how compatible they are to one another.

Megalithic structures have been known to stand the test of time, being preserved over-literal thousand of years with ease in near mint condition, being literally some of the most impressive structures that humanity has ever discovered.

So why shouldn’t we accredit this to a higher being of some sorts, no, not God per se, but to a species of intelligent out of this world beings that came over to tell us the path to the better future ahead?

Not only that but we have absolutely no idea on how the people from the past managed to move around stones so large in order to build these downright mythical looking structures.

Yang Shan, also known as the Quarry, is one of the best examples of such lost knowledge of the technique used to move these stones.

So, we either believe that they magically came up with the same way that most other civilizations back then came up with in order to move around very heavy objects and use them in constructions, only to lose this knowledge simultaneously and never mention it again in any scroll or anything of this sort, or we just assume that someone or something gave them a little hand in the matter. Either way, this is an interesting debate, to say the least.


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