It was back in the year 1950, when we first talked about flying discs. In that year we emphatically affirmed that such discs are really cosmic ships, manned by inhabitants of other planets.
At that time they laughed at our claims. But today events have proved us right. in the United States there is a scientific department dedicated solely to the investigation of these cosmic ships.
The law of accidents also includes these ships and several have crashed or fully exploded in the air, the United States has parts of these ships in its possession.
We do not intend to demonstrate in that writing the reality of interplanetary ships, because that reality has already been demonstrated, we only want now to expand this information that in the year 1950 we gave to humanity for the first time.
The cosmic ships have their history and their tradition, really those ships were created by Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, etc., who possess a body of flesh and bone.
Many cosmic traditions mention Saint Venona and his cosmic navigation system.
Son Venona is an angel with a body of flesh and bone.
San venona nation the planet sohoor, where he dedicated himself to studying the “law of the fall”.
Here, reader, is the formulation that Saint Venona himself gave about that cosmic law.
The centers of all the suns and of all the planets of our universe are precisely those points of stability, they are not if not the points inferior to those regions of space which definitely tend the forces coming from all directions of that given part of the universe. , also concentrates in those points, the balance that allows the suns and planets to maintain their position.
When enunciating the principle of it, San Venona also said that when things fall tow̳a̳r̳ds one or another sun, tow̳a̳r̳ds one or another planet, according to which sun or planet that part of the space in which they fell belonged to.

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