July 1, 1965. Valensole, France. A forty-one-year-old farmer named Maurice Masse is on a farm he owns when he hears a strange whistling noise. A few seconds later he sees a kind of rugby ball that is perched on the ground, on his own land. Next to the artifact he observes two strange humanoid figures of short stature. Immediately afterwards, Masse approached the scene. Those two characters seemed to get scared…

There began an almost unique adventure in the history of ufology. According to Masse, at that moment, one of those little men took something similar to a cylinder from his waist. He pointed it at him and a beam of light came out of the artifact that left him completely paralyzed. He was only able to move his eyes and breathe, but his body was nailed to the ground.

Such surprising testimony was the one offered to the first investigators of the case, who were none other than the gendarmes of the town of Valensole. Despite the unusual nature of the story, at no time did they detect any contradiction in the testimony that the witness was offering them.

Maurice Massé

In his file, the Gendarmerie explained that the area of ​​the alleged landing was analyzed and studied with total meticulousness. As in other cases, footprints appeared on the ground. There were several perimeter cracks and a sunken area at the exact site of the alleged landing. As the researchers verified, wet mud appeared around that footprint, something that would not be strange unless it had not rained in the previous days. However, in a matter of a few hours, the ground inexplicably dried up again.


The GEPAN research team (Group for the Study of Aerial Phenomena), an official group dependent on the main scientific institutions in France, also approached the site. They verified the existence of the evidence and concluded that the weight of the artifact was enormous.

The GEPAN found that the footprints remained on the ground for years!

They verified it after visiting the place on several occasions over time. They certified that the vegetation that grew there had stopped doing so. It was as if the presumed energy generated by the object had killed the nature of the place. Thirty years after the event, the characteristics of these effects were still evident. Scholars even tried to artificially revive the local vegetation, but were unable to do so. None of the GEPAN scientists were able to explain satisfactorily why this was happening.

But the GEPAN and researchers like the legendary French scholar Aimé Michel did not only examine the physical effects of the UFO encounter. And it is that physiological effects were also recorded in the witness. According to Maurice Masse, as soon as the strange object disappeared, he began to notice the effects of his exposure to the strange artifact on his body. First of all, he felt dizzy and had a headache. Then everything got complicated…


Masse began to have sleep crises. He went from sleeping just five hours a day to being unable to stop doing so for at least two thirds of the day, in a kind of narcolepsy that had its origin in that close encounter, an extreme that was certified by a team of doctors. The researchers were unable to satisfactorily explain all these effects, however, the GEPAN found that very similar physiological reactions had been recorded in other types of events that had nothing to do with UFOs, specifically, in those people who had been exposed to strong artificially generated electromagnetic fields. Thus, for the GEPAN, the machine that the peasant had seen generated around him a powerful energy that explained the effects on the ground and the witness. Both things showed that, according to the file, some type of technology had intervened. Of course, of totally unknown origin to date.


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