The 7 classifications of close encounters with UFOs: you know what you saw

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I have spent my entire life studying the paranormal, experiencing the effects of paranormal activity, and learning who I can safely share my experiences with. It goes without saying; everything I have encountered or experienced has made me the individual I am today.

While working on my master’s degree a few years ago, I signed up for classes that focused on how people evolve through life experiences.

A person’s environment and the situations he encounters from childhood to adulthood are translated as a form of learning.

These life experiences can be positive or negative, but the event ultimately shapes an individual’s values, perceptions, and overall outlook on life.

Perhaps you have experienced death, divorce, illness, or job loss that transformed your environment overnight. You know how stressful those events were and you remember the change that took your breath away. And while it may have taken months to recover, he still got back on his feet and learned to “unlearn” the negative experiences that altered his mental health.

But have you ever witnessed an event that shook you to the core and transformed your entire belief system?

Perhaps you are one of the thousands of UFO witnesses who have encountered alien spacecraft. And yet, you wonder who you can trust to share your story.

After all, UFO witnesses sometimes face ridicule and ridicule. But regardless of what skeptics say, UFO witnesses spend their entire lives dealing with the effects of these encounters, and each type of encounter has psychological consequences.

Here’s a look at the seven rankings:

Close Encounter of the First Kind – Thousands of people have experienced seeing a UFO. Although some may have difficulty accepting their experience as “real”, most witnesses say that they “know what they saw” and the experience transformed their perceptions about life beyond planet Earth.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind – Encounter with a UFO that leaves behind physical evidence. There have been many such gatherings around the world. Physical evidence left behind has been reported as foreign metals, high radiation readings, impressions on the ground, and scattered debris from the craft (Roswell, 1947).

People who have experienced this type of encounter share the same transformative effects as people who have witnessed the first type of close encounter. In addition, people who have been in contact with UFO wreckage or have been near the craft’s landing site have reported symptoms of radiation exposure. We are now dealing with effects that can alter a person’s physiology.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind – Witnessing an alien. Thousands of people have reported seeing extraterrestrial beings. The Grays are among the most sighted aliens that have been reported. Other reported sightings of extraterrestrial beings include the Nordics (humanoids) and the Reptilians.

Richard Doty, an Air Force special agent stationed at Area 51 from 1978 to 1988, claims to have seen an alien during a field search he and another agent were conducting. According to Doty, he and the other agent stumbled upon an uncharted and unmapped tunnel.

Doty says that the tunnel shouldn’t have been there because it wasn’t included on the map of the area. However, the two men proceeded to explore the tunnel and walked about 20 yards inside when they saw bright lights illuminating the path.

Then suddenly a tall creature about 7-8 feet tall appeared in the light and started walking towards them. He says they quickly turned around and left, but reported their findings to their superiors. Some time later, Doty claims that “there was some kind of clash” and the area was bombed.

Close Encounter of the 4th Kind – Alien Abduction. One of the most compelling accounts of alien abductions is the Barney and Betty Hill story that occurred in September 1961. Aliens reportedly abduct abductees and often take them aboard alien craft where operations and physical exams. Abductees experience loss of time and severe psychological trauma in many cases.

Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind – Direct communication between aliens and humans. One of the best known events of the fifth type occurred on September 16, 1994 in Zimbabwe. Sixty-two (62) Ariel School students between the ages of six and twelve witnessed a silver craft descend from the sky and land in a field near the school. The children claimed that extraterrestrial beings came out of the ship and communicated benevolent messages through telepathy. In fact, the Zimbabwe UFO incident is one of the most remarkable encounters in history.

Close Encounter of the 6th Kind -Death of a human or animal. Cattle mutilations fall into this category and have been going on for decades. Some people believe that these mutilations are the result of a government research program, while others believe that aliens are responsible for the deaths of thousands of head of cattle.

Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind -Creation of a human-alien hybrid. Are aliens collecting eggs and sperm from abductees? Many abductees claim that the aliens removed the reproductive cells (sperm and eggs) during surgical procedures and may have used the cells to produce human-alien hybrids.

If you’ve experienced any of these close encounters, you know that whether or not someone believes your story doesn’t change the fact that you experienced it and felt “real.”

It felt so “real” that you experienced a transformation that altered everything you thought you knew about life in the universe.


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