TAU Treaty IX: The pact between the United States Government and the aliens

Many investigations throughout history support the theory that the United States Government has made a secret deal with the Greys.

The exact day is unknown, but most sources indicate that the agreement occurred in 1954. At that time, a committee of gray aliens would have arrived at the Edwards Base of the US Air Force, with the sole purpose of contacting Dwight Eisenhower. , the president of the United States at the time. This has been known as the Edwards Agreement or, as Dr. Dan Burisch called it, the Tau IX Treaty for the Preservation of Mankind.

As a result of the various discussions on this agreement, a common goal was reached, one that would be extremely productive for those involved. The agreement specifies that the United States Government would allow humans to be abducted in a controlled number and the Grays solemnly promised that they would bring them back safely and only after erasing their memory.

But, as many abductees have been able to confirm, the situation is very different. Very often, those who have been abducted by aliens argue that they have the ability to remember the incident, and many lurid details.

In exchange for allowing the grays to “guinea pig” humans, the US government would obtain advanced alien knowledge and technology. Another clause in the contract was ‘the exchange program of ambassadors of both sides’. However, it is not clear how many were involved in this exchange program, but the most recognized are Crill, the reptile from the constellation Draco, and J-Rod, the gray from the binary star Zeta Reticuli.

But how did all this start? The Edwards Agreement was the result of a series of events that began in 1947, when the wreckage of an alien spacecraft was recovered near Roswell, New Mexico. Within the wreckage, several alien bodies were found. This incident, without a doubt, sensitized the population to the UFO phenomenon and, without a doubt, gave rise to modern ufology.

In 1949, another accident took place in New Mexico, but this time, there was a survivor. They were called EBE, which is short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. This incident allowed the United States government to make contact with its people.

In 1951, the Grays were contacted using a device built with the help of the EBE. A year later, extraterrestrial communications were underway, paving the way for the 1954 treaty.

On the night of February 20-21, 1954, while enjoying his vacation in Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower briefly disappeared. It is believed that he was secretly escorted to nearby Edwards Air Force Base for a rendezvous with the Greys. The official statement from him was that he had to undergo a dental emergency and visit a local dentist.

Tratado TAU IX: El pacto entre el Gobierno de Estados Unidos y los alienígenas

If the testimonials are certain President Dwight D. Eisenhower would be the first President to have made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Not only that, he would be the first president to have signed a treaty with aliens.

Apparently the meeting did not go as planned as there were some unexpected events. The landing was kept secret in order to see how people would react when faced with a technologically advanced alien race. The hundreds of soldiers present at Edwards Base during that first contact did not receive any briefing before the event; they were just a test audience.

This approach became disastrous, as a high percentage of those present later began to suffer from various psychological illnesses, ranging from dysfunctional behavior to psychosis, criminal intent, and suicide.

Several confessions have surfaced over the years, from people who say they witnessed the event firsthand. One of them is Gerald Light, a famous leader in the metaphysical community at the time. Light says that his involvement was to gauge the effect this breakthrough might have on the general public.

“My dear friends: I just got back from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base]. The report is true and a devastating truth! During the two day visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and operated by our Air Force officers, with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions. It has finally happened. Now this matter will go down in history,” Light wrote.

According to what Light narrates, several important figures were present at the meeting. Among them was Eisenhower’s top economic adviser, Dr. Edwin Nourse, who offered his expertise on the potential economic outcome of first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. Light also said that several trustworthy religious leaders from the government had attended the meeting.

Tratado TAU IX: El pacto entre el Gobierno de Estados Unidos y los alienígenas

Force Base Air Edwards of the USA, place where according to several testimonies, an agreement was signed between a group of extraterrestrials and President Eisenhower.

Other sources also supported Light’s revelations. Describing two types of meetings with different extraterrestrial groups.

According to former naval intelligence officer William Cooper, large objects traveling toward Earth had been seen in 1953. First thought to be asteroids, it was later determined that they were actually spacecraft. Two different missions, Project Sigma and Project Plato managed to establish contact with the extraterrestrials, through the binary code.

Cooper distinguishes between two alien races: the Nordics, friendly towards humanity, and the Greys, who had different goals with humans. According to him, the Nordics contributed to the signing of a non-aggression treaty between humanity and the Greys. The Nordics did not offer technology, but rather the opportunity to achieve spiritual advancement from our current dimension to the next.

The treaty said that the extraterrestrials would not intervene in our affairs and you should not interfere in theirs either. His presence on Earth would be kept a secret. They could regularly kidnap humans for medical and scientific purposes, as long as they kept them safe from harm. The humans would then be returned to their abduction point, with no memory of the event.

Their demands were that humans part with their arsenal of nuclear weapons. They recalled the self-destructive potential of humanity and also condemned the fact that we were killing each other, the damage we were doing to the planet and the waste of natural resources. The Committee interpreted their demands in a very suspicious way, believing that nuclear disarmament was not in the interest of the United States, since it would leave the world defenseless against an alien threat. Eisenhower ultimately rejected this proposal.

Did this meeting really happen? If so, it would seem to confirm the current worldwide UFO phenomenon. However, more than 60 years have passed since that supposed first contact, and until now there is still no official disclosure about it.

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