Scientist from the US Department of Defense reveals his encounter with a UFO

A scientist working for the US Department of Defense has become the latest whistleblower who decides to divulge secret information about aliens and UFOs. The witness has given an interview to MUFON where he reveals all the details of the sighting.
The employee of the Electromagnetic and Laser Systems Department, who has asked to remain anonymous to protect his career, claims to have seen a UFO shaped like a telephone receiver in the town of Ontario, Canada, during a hunting trip.
The man revealed this data during a 40-minute interview he gave to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the largest UFO research organizations in the world. The MUFON case number is: 74282.
Image capture of the video released by MUFON of the interview with the anonymous UFO witness. It is about a scientist from the Department of Defense, who revealed to MUFON his close encounter with a very strange flying device.
The witness said that he was not alone, he was accompanied by two other people (men) during a hunting trip on August 28, 2013 at 9:40 p.m. (9:40 p.m.), when the “flying device” was seen at a short distance during six minutes.
The other two hunters have also not revealed their identities.
In a video interview for MUFON, the anonymous witness said:
“We were driving along a road near the main road when suddenly this flying object approached low enough to see it through the windshield. I would say that it was at an altitude of 45 or 50 meters. I grabbed the telescopic sight of my rifle, rolled down the window and got ready to see that object.
He described it as “very bright glow” similar to the intense luminosity that a sports stadium can emit.

Científico del departamento de defensa de EEUU revela su encuentro con un OVNI

Representation of the flying object seen by the witness and his two companions. He has described it as having the shape of a telephone receiver and a very intense glow, similar to a piece forged from mercury.
The witness added:
“I’ve worked with lasers and operating systems before, and this light was like a laser looking at a laser; but it was not a focused laser, rather it was an unfocused laser. One of my colleagues, who was next to me, said to me ‘what is that?’ and the other told me to shoot, but I know that I cannot shoot something that I cannot identify.
The witness states that he made mental calculations about the dimensions of the UFO, and he estimates that it was between 51 meters long, 6 meters wide, and with an outer diameter of approximately 18 meters.
According to the witness, the object resembled a piece forged from mercury.
“It was very bright, there was no line, no rivets, you were totally uniform. I am a pilot, so I was looking for features that would relate it to an airplane or other aircraft, I was looking for lines on the fuselage that would indicate a door or landing gear.”
The witness also said that his camera stopped working during the UFO sighting; but that after the flying object was about a quarter of a mile or more away, it started working.

Científico del departamento de defensa de EEUU revela su encuentro con un OVNI

The UFO seen by the three witnesses, one of them a Department of Defense scientist, who were on a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada.
However, and as key evidence of this UFO incident, the witness has stated that he was able to record an electromagnetic signature of it. But the man does not definitively affirm that it is an alien spacecraft.
He thinks maybe it could be top secret technology created by Government Departments.
Watch the video of the anonymous interview conducted by MUFON:
The witness has also called on anyone who has seen a similar craft, or any other scientists with knowledge of high-frequency radio frequency field generation systems, to assist in this case.
“The main reason I’m doing this is to help figure out how this vehicle can fly.”
The case is being investigated by MUFON and its Indiana chapter led by Section Director Philip Leech.


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