Luis Elizondo: Italy had a UFO crash and recovered alien bodies before Roswell: is the US holding them?

Luis Elizondo: Italy had a UFO crash and recovered alien bodies before Roswell: is the US holding them? The UAP phenomenon is not only linked to the United States. It is a worldwide mystery, and Luis Elizondo, former head of AATIP, was in Rome to gather more information on UFOs, as Italian government military personnel seem to have a deep understanding of the subject. It turns out that the Italian army has found a way to communicate with the UAP, using a radio beacon with a particular frequency.

Could there be any connection between the UAP sightings in Italy and the United States? Journalist Christopher Sharp noted that a mysterious UFO that crashed in Italy in the 1930s, including the bodies of its occupants, somehow came into the possession of the United States military and was brought to the United States after it was over. World War II and remained here.

In this regard, there are two accounts of supposedly recovered (non-human) bodies. One is mentioned by UAP researcher Leonard Stringfield, who told the French biologist’s story in his 1982 book, titled “UFO Crash/Retrievals: Amassing the Evidence: Status Report III.” : Status report III). And the other comes from Bill Brophy, who said that his father, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force, had allegedly seen the bodies.

The UFO was photographed by Italian pilot Marshal Giancarlo Cecconi in June 1979. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The bodies are believed to have been recovered from the UFO crash that occurred long before the Roswell incident. Mr. Sharp writes that they were reportedly found in 1933, after a strange boat crashed in Lombardy, Italy. The accident occurred when Italy was under the rule of the fascist Benito Mussolini.

The UFO cover-up claims come directly from documents released by Mussolini’s office. According to them, Mussolini took all measures to silence the witnesses and classified the ship as top secret. Studying the craft was Mussolini’s next main goal. Italy’s top engineers and scientists banded together to form a top-secret organization allegedly commanded by the inventor of radio and renowned engineer Guglielmo Marconi.

At first, no one, not even Mussolini, had a strong conviction that the object was of extraterrestrial origin. The most common misconception was that he was German. Due to their blonde hair and blue eyes, the victims that were found closely resembled Germans. However, according to the documents, Italian constantly referred to the ship’s origin as “unknown,” implying that nothing definitive could ever be proven.

Later, somehow, the information of the recovered unknown ship was entrusted to Pope Pius XII by Mussolini himself, since both had good relations. But after Mussolini became an ally of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, Pope grew uneasy about the craft and it somehow leaked to the US from the Vatican. After the war, the ship was supposedly taken to the US, where it supposedly remains today.

Documents from Benito Mussolini’s office discuss unknown trade: Credit: “Luci nel Cielo” by Roberto Pinotti and Alfredo Lissoni via Liberation Times

Documents from Benito Mussolini’s office discuss unknown trade: Credit: “Luci nel Cielo” by Roberto Pinotti and Alfredo Lissoni via Liberation Times
In an interview with Max Moszkowicz, Lue Elizondo gave some credence to this rumor by saying that she had seen documents from Mussolini’s office that she had found “convincing” before she theorized (according to the rumor) that pieces of the ship had been transported to the US. Mr. Sharp claimed he has a source in the aerospace industry who told the Liberation Times that some was recovered from Italy after World War II.

“I don’t see the 1933 Italian craft as a typical UAP as we have documented in many other sightings. It was not powered by gravity manipulation or interdimensional technology. I think it was a jet- and rocket-powered vehicle shaped like a flying wing, like the designs of the Horten brothers. It was intended to be reverse-engineered by the Axis powers to gain a technical advantage. What reason would an NHI have to gift such technology to the Axis? Your guess is as good as mine, but it wasn’t for benign purposes.”

“What happened to this ship? My guess is that it was taken over by the Americans since we got there before the Soviets. Or it could have been destroyed. It would certainly have helped with our rapid advances in rocketry, jet technology, and our newfound interest in flying wings like the YB-35 and YB-49, which eventually led to the B-2.”

USAF Reports: Ohio Air Force Base Stored Three Crashed UFOs And The Bodies Of Their Pilots
Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is rumored to contain an enormous amount of UFO material and alien bodies. Retired US Air Force engineer Raymond Szymanski claimed that the Ohio base is a repository for alien bodies and crashed flying saucers. Furthermore, documents found in the files of the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations speak of the crashed UFOs and their occupants being held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The document below is from a year earlier, in 1952, when Airman 1st Class Clyde Wheeler was interviewed and said essentially the same thing. He said Sergeant Major Loyal Bunce of Selfridge Air Force Base, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, told him that he (Bunce) knew about the flying saucers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He explained in detail that not only did he know about the flying saucers in WPAFB, but he also knew that they had possession of the bodies inside.

Retired USAF Raymond Szymanski claimed that state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and deep underground cryogenic chambers were installed at WPAFB to preserve alien debris and technology, weapons, and even captured aliens and bodies. This location is called “The Blue Room” inside Hangar 18.

Stringfield was undoubtedly the prominent figure who took an interest in looking behind the door of Hangar 18. According to his research and the data he collected, there is an enormous amount of UFO material and alien bodies locked up in Hangar 18. He studied many accounts, but two They were quite fascinating, brought to your attention by researcher Charles Wilhelm.

He recalled: “In 1959, a lady living alone in Price Hill, Cincinnati, had hired young Charles to mow her lawn for the entire summer. She knew of his interest in the UFO [subject], but she said little about it until she became ill with cancer. Knowing that she had little time left to live, she called Charles to her side to tell him an amazing story. She said that she had had top secret clearance at her previous job at Wright-Patterson and that she had seen two saucer-shaped craft in a secret hangar. One boat was intact; the other was damaged. She also knew of two ‘little creatures’ preserved inside another secret building and had personally handled the paperwork on her autopsy report. She told Charles, ‘Uncle Sam can’t do anything to me after he’s in the grave.'”

There is another account brought to Stringfield by Wilhelm after his acquisition of sensitive intelligence data in 1966. Stringfield stated: “Wilhelm got the story from a friend in the Army Reserve whose father worked with Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Field and he had a high position. security clearance. At the time of his death, the father told his son about the two disk-shaped craft and the four small preserved extraterrestrial bodies.”

Wright-Patterson was the confirmed site of Project Sign, later Project Grudge, and later still Project Blue Book, an official government study of UFOs. This secret government research project was officially “terminated” in 1969. “In a 1988 interview, Senator Barry Goldwater claimed that he had asked General Curtis Emerson LeMay for access to a secret UFO room at [Wright-Patterson] and Angrily LeMay said, ‘Not only can you not get into that, but don’t you ever mention it to me again.'”


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