The controversial alien contact experiment

As historians, anthropologists and archaeologists grapple with the mystery of man’s appearance on Earth, an interesting experiment was conducted last year involving several participants who believe they can communicate with aliens. Whether they are trusted or not, their tale is at least curious to hear.

El controvertido experimento de contacto alienígena

As expected, the representatives of official science perceive this as fiction, but it may be that his recent statement has a very realistic basis.

The experiment took place in the US in May 2021, with 12 alien contactees placed in a large room, divided into 12 self-contained rooms. There was no link between them and during the session questions were asked through loudspeakers about the appearance of man on Earth.

They then plunged into absolute silence and, just as the experimenters planned, tuned in to communicate with those who know the answers to this question. It is not known if it was the noosphere or representatives of the universal mind, but the result was simply amazing.

Without saying a word, the participants, immersed in an altered consciousness, wrote down the information received on a piece of paper. After finishing the experiment, all, without exception, showed what had been dictated to them. It turned out that during communication, people received knowledge not only about the appearance of humanity on Earth, but also about the creators of man.

According to recorded evidence of this unprecedented experiment, people were first created about 40 million years ago. It was a mix of 16 genomes from creatures already living on Earth. But these “people” turned out to be unfeasible under the conditions that prevailed on our planet.

The second time highly evolved aliens tried to create a man was 14 million years ago. So people developed advanced technology and the whole planet was one civilization. There was no division into countries and people, only one race dominated.

But everything ended badly, civilization was destroyed from within. The people themselves created machines that annihilated them. Either artificial intelligence or a destructive weapon, but the creators’ second experiment turned out to be a failure.

We are the third attempt. The original five different races of people were created, and subsequently their numbers increased due to incest. The first 25 thousand years, people were helped to survive. They received various knowledge, developed, protected from epidemics, wars, space threats. When humanity became more robust and stood firm on its feet, the progenitors left Earth. However, they still continue to watch us.

So who are they?
It turned out that the Orions, who managed to overcome countless crises, created our civilization. They have given us a lot of knowledge and are present among us everywhere in the form of energetic substances.


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