The Incredible Abduction of Mr. Wilson Fernandes

The following events occurred in the year 1965, and they were true!

In 1965, a very simple man, humble family, called Mr. Wilson Fernandes.
At the time Mr. Wilson Fernandes was about 38 years old and he lived with the family in the neighborhood near the company “Compañía de Prada”, where he worked as a laborer.
Mr. Wilson was a very simple person, without studies and did not know how to read and not even write, in addition to being a medium (spiritist) and he led his life in the daily routine, going to work, which was close to his work home, and returning at the end of the day, but without news in his day to day.

In the month of May 1965, on a very hot night, Mr. Wilson as he used to do on such hot nights, which was only underwear sleeping (important to note is).
The next morning, both Mr. Wilson and his wife woke up as usual at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for work.
Then his wife got up and she went to the kitchen, which was next to the room they slept in, to prepare Mr. Wilson\’s breakfast.
After the coffee was ready, Mr. Wilson\’s wife called him, but she got no answer.
So she went up to the bedroom and when she got there she didn\’t find Mr. Wilson.
She was very surprised by the fact, since there was no other exit from the room, except through the kitchen, and she did not see Mr. Wilson pass by there, also being that the door was closed from the inside.

She also noted that Mr. Wilson\’s clothes were intact, hanging for him to dress for work.
So what would have happened to Mr. Wilson? How could he have disappeared from a room with only one exit and the door to the backyard still locked from the inside?

Mr. Wilson\’s wife then called the children and they began to search for him, first in the backyard and then in the neighborhood, but to no avail.
They went to hospitals, police stations and morgues, and nothing.
They reported his disappearance to the police, but they didn\’t know what else to do.
Time passed and night came.
When I was about to “the other day in the morning, they heard a noise in the bottom of the backyard and some moans.
When Mr. Wilson\’s wife and her children went out into the yard, what did they find?
Mr. Wilson was only in his boxer shorts dr̳a̳p̳e̳d over a handcart that existed on the spot and bewildered.
They took him to the house and asked him what had happened and where he had been all this time, and Mr. Wilson said he didn\’t even know.

It was then that he recounted in detail what had happened.

Mr. Wilson said that after his wife left the room that morning, he suddenly saw an oval circle of light forming on the wall of their room, and from within it several small beings approximately 3 feet in diameter began to emerge. height, a total of 6.
They had light gray, black skin and large oval eyes, and their mouths, noses and ears were small.
Then one of them took a type of cane and turned it tow̳a̳r̳ds Mr. Wilson, at which point he froze and began to levitate, remaining in a horizontal position.
It was when the beings went in his direction and held him underneath, as if he had the weight of a feather, and they took him tow̳a̳r̳ds that wheel of light on the wall.

Next, after passing through that beam of light, Mr. Wilson found himself in a room, which was approximately 1.50 m high with a table in its center, being placed there.
He then heard the beings communicating with him, but without them moving their little mouths, as the sound of their voices were heard behind Mr. Wilson\’s head, like telephone line sounds, but they were sharp and clear. in Portuguese language.
Those beings told him to stay calm, not to be afraid, because they would not do any harm and they also said that they came from the stars, that they were there to help him and not to harm him.
With that, Mr. Wilson began to be calmer, only he was worried about his family and his work, and he insisted on it so much, that at a certain moment, he pointed the cane at one of the walls, and suddenly The image of the interior of Mr. Wilson\’s house emerged, and he could see his relatives walking back and forth looking for him.
They told him not to worry that she would soon return to his house and that they were his friends and he just wanted to have some experiences with him.

Example of Interdimensional Portal. Would these portals be those related by cave drawings and described by ancient civilizations as passage from the “Gods” to our world and vice versa?

Then at a certain point the beings told him to take him back home.
In one of them he came close to him and put his hand on his head and he “turned it off”.
When Mr. Wilson woke up, he was on the handcart in the back of his house, and then his relatives found him.
He was asked where he was in that period of time that he was gone, Mr. Fernandes said that he “didn\’t know for sure.”
After being taken inside his house, and now calmer, he recounted in detail everything that had happened to him.
But events did not end there.
After a few days, when Mr. Fernandes had already returned to his routine, something incredible happened: he noticed that he managed, in an incredible way, to “hear” the thoughts of the people around him.
He looked at people, and just listened to everything they were thinking. He got the “gift” of “reading” thoughts.

Also later, when he went to a store near his house, he suddenly realized that when he looked at people, through their insides, such as internal organs and bones, as if he had a X-ray vision”.
Frightened by that, and in his simplicity, believing that he was going crazy, he asked his wife to take him to a hospital urgently, and that is what she did.
Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor examined him, and since he did not find anything abnormal, he ordered her to return to his house.
Not simply the “powers” Mr. Wilson had acquired, after some time, a very abrupt form, he began to receive telepathically, the messages of the beings who had carried him, sending him, he said, he drew pictures.
Then he took any paper that went around and began to draw pictures.
It is interesting to note that Mr. Wilson was illiterate, and could not read or write, what about elaborate designs with symmetrical and well-defined lines.

the drawings usually contained spirals, and some with “ships” out of their hearts.
at the moment he gets a larger cartons than he drew.
So dozens of drawings were made, but nobody knew how to interpret them, looking like something psychedelic, but with well-drawn and spaced shapes.
It has been some time since Mr. Wilson Fernandes passed away, but some of his drawings still exist, being in the possession of a resident of Limeira to verify that event.
What is interesting in the case of Mr. Fernandes is that a simple person like him and without studies, would never have the conditions to imagine such a story, in addition to the fact that his “gifts” of mind reading were verified by several people, as well as the moments in which he, in an automatic way, began to make the drawings, which according to him, were sent and guided by the beings that had taken him from his house.

To cement the story that occurred with Mr. Wilson, it is shown that there are other reports from around the world of people who have gone through the same situation described, including obtaining the same “powers” acquired by Mr. Wilson after his de̳a̳t̳h̳. kidnapping.
People from different countries at different times reported the same situation of being abducted by ex̳t̳r̳a̳t̳e̳r̳r̳e̳s̳t̳r̳i̳a̳l̳ beings, and when “powers” of “x-ray” type telepathic visions were returned.
It is impossible that all these people could invent the same story and with so many identical details.
The great mystery is why those specific people were chosen to be abducted and the reason for returning with practically supernatural powers.

Currently Mr. Fernandes is no longer with us, but his fantastic kidnapping is documented through his reports, and his “powers” acquired after his return can be demonstrated by witnesses, including the existence of the drawings made by him during of the years, making this fact told in detail something incredible in the U̳F̳O̳logical science of our world.

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