Mysterious Satellite ‘The Black Knight’ Captured By International Space Station Cameras

While building the international space station, the astronauts capture a strange object on camera which raises suspicions around the world.

But the observation of the unknown spacecraft by the ISS crew is not an isolated incident; several similar UFOs have been observed above Earth over the years.

Throughout the 1950s – 1960s mysterious satellites appeared in an unknown orbit around the Earth. One of the first reports of this type of UFO was reported by Major Donald E. Keyhoe in 1952. He claimed what he called 2 ‘Artificial Satellites’ circling the Earth.

One of the most infamous ‘artificial satellites’ is the Black Knight which is according to conspiracy theories an artificial satellite of extraterrestrial origin that has been orbiting the Earth for approximately 13,000 years but is either of alien origin or is it just a piece of space debris or something that got loose from the ISS or another spacecraft?

Had it been an isolated incident the so-called Black Knight could have been a large chunk of space debris, but over the years many more of these unknown objects like the Black Knight have been sighted above Earth that can no longer be a coincidence.

Below are some of these unknown objects in space.

The History video goes deeper into the UFO phenomenon, ‘The Black Knight’.

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