The US government is using alien technology to see the future?

David Wilcock, well-known conspiracy researcher, talks about “Looking Glass”, a secret project to anticipate events.

The truth usually appears before our eyes through the movies”, that is at least what the David Wilcock conspiracy theory investigations think. For him, there are many things we do not know.

For example, that the United States has a high-tech alien to take a look into the future.

It’s not about putting someone in a time machine. It is rather the vision that a person can get inside a device called “Looking Glass”.

Looking Glass

It would be a device that would be hidden in underground bases and that has colossal dimensions. It would consist of a barrel surrounded by rings that move in different directions.

This machinery would be an extension of our pineal gland or esoterically known as “Third Eye”. She is responsible for making us sleep and causing dreams.

According to David Wilcock, in a video conference, it can be activated while we are awake. This is achieved by not only seeing things that the rest cannot see in a controlled way, but could also, in theory, see events that have not yet occurred and even communicate with extraterrestrial entities.

How to use

The Looking Glass project would have materialized through reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology. David claims that it mimics the functioning of the pineal gland in the following way: When activated, the rings rotate relative to each other in different directions forming a shield and protecting the water inside the barrel.

Meanwhile, inside the barrel there is a person sitting in a chair that increases her brain capabilities.

When the device is turned on, the person connected to the barrel through the chair begins to have visions of future years, which shows when the experiment is over.

Despite the success of the visions, there were anomalies. Volunteers who had visions inside the mirror wanted to see beyond a date that is kept under the strictest secrecy due to its proximity.

According to David Wilcock, every time you try to look past that day, you get a blurry picture.

knew the “Spyglass”, he gave an interview in 2007 to “Project Camelot”. He explained that not only the United States would have used it, but other countries also had this technology, but that they would discontinue it in 2015.

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