Frisbee landing and contact with its crew in Guyancourt

Interesting case of flying disk landing and contact with its crew, which occurred near Paris, France.

On July 24, 1950, an interesting UFO landing case occurred in the Paris region of France. The case took place in the town of Guyancourt, 20 kilometers from Paris, and its protagonist was Mr. Claude Blondeau, who at the time was the owner of the Escadrille bar in this village. This is his story:

“On July 23 or 24, 1950, around 11 p.m., he was going to walk a little before going to bed. I was just contemplating a starry sky over an airfield near Paris (in Guyancourt) where I saw myself and suddenly heard a noise of wind. At first I thought that it was a train that passed about four kilometers in a straight line, from the place where I was. , I turned, go about a hundred meters from me, in the dark, two gray shapes… two perfectly round machines resembling two huge concave plates, one of which turned towards the other, they were about 5 meters in diameter and 1.60 1.70 m high from its axis, its entire contour was vitrified, a kind of rectangular beams.

A very thick ovoid door (approximately 40 cm) was opened on the underside of each of these disks. From each side I saw a man descend. These pilots were around 1.70m tall, I think they had brown hair (I must remember that it was completely night). Wear a brown or navy blue flight suit.

These men rushed to one of the machines and what seemed to me they placed in place or collapsed a kind of sheet that rested on a body that seemed to me to be made of rubber. Starting from the upper axis of the machine, several of these sheets were arranged, going down to the periphery and spaced approximately 20 cm apart.

The two pilots carried out this work – or this repair – without any coating on their hands and without the aid of any tools.

Despite my excitement, I moved closer. When the men looked at me, they looked at me in admiration, but they remained calm and natural. I asked him: “Is there something wrong?” Then, one of them answered me: “Yes, but everything will be fixed soon”. His French was correct, if slurred, delivered slowly.

“A minute later the “repair” was finished, each of them went to the door of his device and opened it, from the inside a formidable illumination gushed forth. Hesitantly, I stalked through the open hatch.

“The one that shocked me the most was the most perfect lighting I had ever seen, it didn’t cast any shadows and it was impossible to distinguish its origin. In the center of the circular cabin was a kind of armchair or sofa bed (similar to a dentist’s chair, lined on the inside with a kind of red leather, in front of this armchair was fixed a kind of radio station with seven or eight At the top of the station was a huge oval steering wheel, provided with a vertical lever at each end, this steering wheel was of solid metal, full of signs and buttons. Various other devices were mounted on blocks arranged around the station. armchair or sofa bed.

I wondered again, especially about the use of the many buttons that line the control panel. The answer was very laconic: “Energy”.

The men were not making small talk and, a few seconds later, both returned to their posts. The doors were hermetically sealed from the inside.

I was left with the impression that the metal of the devices, which resembled aluminum, weighed nothing and that the disks were suspended at a distance of 10 cm from the ground without touching it anywhere.

At that moment, the lookouts became luminescent and, in a second, the apparatus raised noiselessly – that is, from their horizontal position they instantly passed vertical and disappeared vertically like shooting stars.

After the sudden takeoff, I heard a wind noise, like a blow, but I felt nothing (this wind noise was heard several times by other Frisbee observers among other cases (in Twin Falls and Belan-sur-Aurce), the The blowing had a hurricane-like effect and curved the treetops (here only the noise was perceptible).

Only two minutes elapsed between the time I called these devices and the time they took off. When I came back to me, there was no shadow of the frisbees. Where I can go? To a police station? No one would believe me.”

The next day, MC Blondeau returned to the place where he had witnessed this strange scene, but he did not discover even the slightest trace. Not even the grass had any traces of having been stepped on. As he calculated, the devices had not touched the ground, otherwise they would have left a circular mark. It is possible that the tracks are not visible, but a landing gear always leaves – whatever its shape – a mark in the grass or on the ground.

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