Testimonies from astronauts leave no doubt about the existence of aliens

In its entirety, NASA has never bothered to confirm or disprove the reality of UFOs. However, several space agency staff members, including astronauts, have witnessed incredible feats that humans are unable to complete using current technology.

Astronauts risk everything in publicizing their UFO experiences, and as trained observers and experienced pilots, they are not easily fooled or impressed.

A newly formed team of 16 people, according to NASA, will focus its study only on declassified sightings and other information obtained from the civilian government and commercial sectors.

Even if this study does not show the existence of extraterrestrials, according to astronomer Adam Frank, it will significantly advance our understanding of the search for life on other planets. Despite that, let’s take a look at the testimonies of these brave astronauts to see what they had to say about the existence of UFOs and aliens.

1. James McDivitt
On October 13, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona, James A. McDivitt, age 93, former commander of the Gemini IV and Apollo 9 missions, passed away. In September 1962, McDivitt was selected for NASA’s second class of astronauts.

He made his first trip to space in June 1965 while serving as the Gemini IV mission commander. He took the most dangerous journey on the program with fellow Air Force pilot Ed White.

White completed the first extravehicular activity (EVA), sometimes called a spacewalk, as a member of Gemini IV. There have been reports of something possibly extraterrestrial being seen outside the spacecraft in addition to the spacewalk.

NASA made an effort to discredit Colonel James A. McDivitt’s sightings of three UFOs during his Gemini 4 flight in June 1965. On the second day of the mission, he observed an unidentified flying object while flying over Hawaii.

He described it as “looking like a soda or beer can with something like a pencil”. Some people would compare this to the Navy’s Tic-Tac UFO. Unfortunately, he couldn’t adjust the exposure or focus of the photos.

McDivitt ruled out the possibility that the object was the second stage of the Titan rocket, which sent Gemini 4 into space. The idea that it was a man-made satellite was among the most banal he could come up with.

This factor was taken into account by the renowned experts in UFO studies of the Condon Committee of the Air Force. However, they were unable to identify a specific satellite as the cause of the problem.

Here are two short interviews with McDivitt that were provided by Eyes on Cinema, where he ends each one by saying that he thinks extraterrestrials exist and that we’re not alone.

“It was during the Gemini 4 Mario flight in June 1965. It was a white object… it had a long white tube coming out of it. I tried to take some pictures, but because of the way the camera was set up and the way the light shone on the windshield, we never got anything back except for some beautiful sunspots on the window.”

“Do you still believe it was a UFO you saw on that orbital flight?” asked television reporter Mario Machado. McDivitt explained: “Well, it was a UFO… whether or not it was a flight from another planet, I really don’t know.”

“General, are you saying that you believe there is life elsewhere in the universe?” McDivitt responded, “I really do. I think it would be very naive and very selfish of us to believe that we are the only life form in this vast universe we live in.”

2. Astronaut Gordon Cooper
Leroy Gordon Cooper, a pioneer in space exploration who passed away in 2004, thought there might be alien life coming to Earth from other habitable planets.

Cooper was one of seven astronauts who participated in Project Mercury, the pre-Soviet human space program to put a man on the moon.

He went to space in 1963 as a member of the Mercury-Atlas 9 manned mission. In order to demonstrate that men could survive in space on a mission to the Moon and back to Earth, he set a new space endurance record in 1965 by traveling 3.3 million miles aboard the Gemini 5.

In an interview, Cooper claimed that while stationed at Landstuhl Air Force Base in West Germany in the early 1950s, he witnessed a UFO for the first time. During this period, he claimed, Russian MiG-15s frequently flew over his base.

Consequently, he once observed strange vehicles flying in formation much higher and faster than their plane as he flew at a height of 15,000 meters. He stated that they had a metallic shell and were disk-shaped.

“They were flying pretty high how high we couldn’t tell because we couldn’t get close to their altitude, but they were very big or small craft still way above what we can get.”

In 1957, Cooper spotted a flying saucer with a diameter of about 10 meters hovering nearby and landing on the dry lake while working as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base in California. When they noticed a disc while photographing the project, he said, “I had a film crew there. They captured footage of him as he passed overhead, hovered, stretched three legs out onto the landing gear, and then slowly descended to land on a dry lake bed.

“And they took their cameras and started filming as they walked. And when they got really close, he got up, put the gear back on the wheel, pitched in and took off at great speed. and then they came to my office and told me what happened,” Cooper said.

Cooper then presented a report of the UFO encounter and transmitted the recordings to Washington. After some time, a senior commander instructed me to pack the film in a bag and transmit it to Washington. Not sure if anyone has seen this afterward. He didn’t say anything about the fact that I hadn’t seen the movie. The same one he saw in 1951, I did this when he came back from the lab and everything was present as the film crew had shown.

3. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
According to Edgar Mitchell, the legendary 1947 encounter actually took place. In his interviews, he stated that he had sources who told him Roswell’s inner narrative, but he never provided their names.

“There is no denying that Roswell took place. Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., an astronaut on Apollo 14 claimed: “I have seen classified files that prove that the administration knew about this – but decided not to notify the public.

The Apollo 14 crew successfully completed their mission and returned to Earth in February 1971. Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard were the fifth and sixth astronauts to set foot on the Moon, respectively. Mitchell took on the role of the main troublemaker for many years, while Shepard decided to enjoy the acclaim.

After landing on the Moon, he officially acknowledged the presence of aliens and maintained this belief until his death. He claimed that the US government was withholding information about contact with extraterrestrials. Mitchell left NASA as soon as he returned and devoted himself to researching UFOs, ancient history, and human consciousness.

Mitchell claims that he had a private conversation with a Marine admiral who secretly revealed to him that, in fact, aliens had made contact with the government as early as the 1940s.

They had an interest in conventional weapons, especially the atomic bomb. Aliens often visited Earth at the start of the Cold War between the USSR and the US because they were afraid of nuclear war and wanted to have some sort of influence over world leaders.

Mitchell claimed in a different interview that journalists misrepresented his remarks. The Admiral informed him that the government had been hiding verified UFO encounters since the early 1940s and was aware of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

He never mentioned interfering in political affairs, however. To avoid being replaced, he withheld the names of his high-ranking Navy source.

According to Michell, who claims to have informed the highest-ranking Pentagon officials, the discovery that an advanced civilization was capable of breaching our air defenses at will and that we were powerless to stop them made the Roswell incident come to a head. become one of the greatest cover-ups in history!

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