Strange sphere-shaped object slows down and changes direction over Stensele in Sweden

Witness states: My wife and I were in the basement of our house in Stensele, Sweden on December 27, 2015, when our son cried out that he saw something strange in the sky.
He had just bought a new camera and had set it up on a tripod in our bedroom. He zoomed in on the object and took a series of pictures through an open window.

The object entered from a great height, then decelerated and changed direction from west to south.
I have never seen an airplane come in at a 45 degree angle, slow down and change direction like this before. I think the size of the object is much bigger than a regular plane.
I have sent the photos to UFO Sweden and they have had them for over two months but they haven’t analyzed them yet but UFO Sweden has contacted me to say that there were no civilian, private or military aircraft in the area at the time of the photo . The images were assessed as very interesting as I was told by UFO Sweden when contacting me.
Two photographs (of a total of five images) show the direction in which the object appeared and disappeared.

Five people witnessed the event and I can say without a doubt that this object is definitely not an aircraft. Mufon case 75104.
Dial Image: Enlarged/Enhanced.

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