A strange object has fallen in Veracruz, Mexico, but at the moment no one knows what it was.

On the night of Sunday, July 31, an “unknown metallic object” in the form of a sphere fell on Veracruz, although so far no authorities have confirmed whether the event actually took place.

The sphere would have fallen around 10 pm (local time) and was resting on top of a tree in the Lomas del Rio Medio neighborhood of Veracruz.

Over the course of several publications, a meteorologist detailed the features of the object, which “appeared to be made of hard plastic or metal alloy, and even included an antenna.”

The posts were so widespread that they were even picked up by Vice and other news sites, noting that the object fell from the sky and made a sound, but no fire.

The matter does not end here, because in a last update, Cano explained that the metallic sphere was removed in the early hours of Monday, August 1st, by personnel with specialized equipment.

Where are those photographs of expert personnel removing the object? Why wasn’t a video made of these people and there are only photographs of the object? Why is the tree not crushed by the impact?

The lack of data only raises more questions.

At the moment, no official source has provided additional information, confirmed the veracity of the event or its possible origin.

The Civil Protection of Veracruz itself indicated that there are no reports from citizens about the alleged object, and the area was not visited because there was no place where it could be located.

On the other hand, Frontier Space, a medium dedicated to this type of question, explained to us that in the absence of information about a specific direction of its fall, it is not possible to determine if it coincides with the atmospheric re-entry of an object, and they also cannot expected re-entry into the area at the appointed time.

For his part, in his speculations about the possible object, the meteorologist wrote that “for your consideration” it could be part of the Chinese rocket that ended up crashing into the Indian Ocean over the weekend and which was captured in several videos, although its estimated trajectory at never reached this area of the country.

If that were its origin, it would have left at least a small crater as it fell with greater speed, destroying the tree and not landing on its canopy. So it remains to be seen whether this is real or just a hoax to build on the mystery.

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