Aliens kidnapped a man and told him what the end of the Earth would be like

The aliens revealed that much of the world would be wiped out in a catastrophic event and the New World Order would be inaugurated.
In 1988, aliens visiting Earth allegedly kidnapped a man from Puerto Rico. During their forced stay, the aliens supposedly revealed that much of the world would be wiped out in one catastrophic event, an asteroid crash. In the coming post-apocalyptic era, a New World Order (NWO) or Antichrist government will be established.

The abductee was able to take a photo showing the UFO piloted by the alien that abducted him (see video below). The photo also shows an American aircraft. According to UFO researchers, this photo proves that the US government is aware of visits and abductions on Earth by aliens from distant planets.

The aliens revealed to the man named Amaury Rivera Toro that an asteroid would devastate much of the Earth and that during the post-apocalyptic period the Earth would be ruled by alien invaders whose new NWO world government would be based on an artificial island in the middle of a “dirty sea”. Dark”.

Extraterrestrial contact with Earth.

Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence? And the idea that they not only exist, but are in contact with Earth right now? All the evidence we have seen and read points to this being true, and if you investigate you will come to the same conclusions.

Rivera claimed that he was abducted by aliens on the morning of May 14, 1988. He was working at a nightclub at the time, and one of his cousins ​​gave him a camera to film a band playing at the nightclub. .

His alien abduction took place on his way home from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

At 4:30 am, Rivera was driving to his house on a deserted country road when, unexpectedly, a thick fog descended, limiting his vision to a few meters.

Suddenly, I heard a sound that at first I thought was the sound of hooves on the paved road. calf? He wanted to know. The voice was from the left, from the driver, mine.

When he looked to the left, he saw a small humanoid creature, a dwarf or something, circling around his car. At this time, he weighed it, he could be an alien.

Running past my old car a… dwarf? What the ****”, my mind is playing tricks on me, is it tiredness or what? I didn’t know what to think… My God, he’s a demon… I was scared indescribably.

This strange being, about three quarters of a meter tall (between three and four feet), has pale skin, a large head, large black eyes and an olive green jumpsuit outfit.

A second identical creature approaches your car from the right or passenger side. Rivera passed out.

I met two little beings… I don’t think they were people from outer space.

When he came to his senses, he was still in his old car, alone in another place, what looked like an underground parking lot, just gray metal walls, no windows or doors. He searched everywhere for a way out, but found nothing.

He was confused and didn’t know where he was, there were some empty cars around the car but nothing.

Then one of the little creatures reappeared, touched his forehead, and he lost consciousness again.

They took me to a place… there were other human beings… from Puerto Rico I think.

A few moments later, a “man in black” entered the room, dressed in a black shirt, pants and shoes. (the man in black) claimed to be from a distant planet, dressed in black, dark skinned, long black hair.

The five-foot-tall, dark-skinned man spoke to the frightened group of humans in pure Spanish, indicating that although he appeared human, he was actually an alien from a distant planet in another galaxy.

The being then proceeded to show us a series of realistic holographic projections.

The first screening took them to the aliens’ home planet for a space trip, where they were able to see their civilization and the houses they lived in.

The second prediction shows an apocalyptic event that will happen in the near future. It shows a massive asteroid traveling through space and hitting Earth near the Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico. The impact destroyed large areas of the Earth.

The third prediction revealed the rise of a single world government in the NWO after the asteroid impact. The world government will be led by an alien Antichrist, based on an artificial island surrounded by the Black Sea.

After seeing the projection, they took him to a different place from where he was kidnapped. Looking up, a black UFO disk appeared in the sky, with three fighter jets at its end.

Rivera was not the only Puerto Rican abducted by aliens to see these holographic projections, according to a UFO researcher who spent years investigating the case. Investigators encountered many others from Puerto Rico who told stories of kidnappings very similar to Rivera’s, but none agreed to come forward.

UFO investigators have struggled to interpret Rivera’s experience. The beings claimed to be aliens from a distant planet, but some skeptics have suggested that “the man in black” could be a human agent of the globalist Illuminati cabal attempting to “plant the seeds of a false flag alien invasion” in preparation for the infamous Project Blue Beam, and thus make way for the NWO.

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