Science “Finds No Answer For This Huge Object Near The Sun”

Images obtained by NASA’s SDO space probe at 4:57 pm on May 11, 2021 revealed the presence of a huge object close to the Sun, precisely in the area of the solar chromosphere.

The massive object, much larger than Earth’s diameter, was circular in shape and appeared to be glued to the Sun as if absorbing energy from the star.

So far NASA has not given explanations about the presence of the mysterious and huge celestial body and there are still many questions that have no answers.

NASA scientists following the SDO and SOHO mission still do not know how to interpret the presence of this large planetary object.

Some speak of solar plasma vortices but so far no one has given a credible version of the presence of this huge spherical space object.

It is known by science that the Sun produces antimatter particles thanks to solar flares.

The Sun makes it possible to study on a large scale a plasma composed of matter and antimatter that cannot be produced in laboratories on Earth.

But in this circumstance, according to ufologists, it is used by extraterrestrial spacecraft as a propellant.

Even physicist Bob Lazar who worked on the super-secret AREA 51 facility claimed that antimatter (colliding with normal particles) creates a massive burst of energy that can be used for propulsion.

It is very likely that for example the element 115 that Lazar refers to could also be the famous exotic material needed to create traversable wormholes.

This experience is also mentioned in a recent US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document.

This could explain the numerous sightings of alien spacecraft near the sun.

Extraterrestrial civilizations that want advanced access to our solar system with Earth-sized black holes can do so through our sun’s Stargate.

Where in the universe did this huge object come from?

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