A former US Marine who served from 1968 to 1969 at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba has reported Marines’ experience of UFO activity during his time on duty at the base. He said that he witnessed UFOs landing in the ocean and taking off from the ocean, indicating that there was a major alien UFO underwater base in the bay.

The Navy’s testimony was filed as number 74794 on file with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

According to the Navy, often assigned missions to protect the area near the facility, he and other Marines were perplexed by the heavy UFO traffic around the base. He said UFOs were seen flying over the base almost every night and many were flying at altitudes below 300 feet.

The Marines often talk about UFO activity around the base with each other, but they were strictly forbidden to talk about aliens.

“All the Marines were amazed at the amount of UFO activity around this base.” “Virtually all of the UFOs flew at night above the base at a height of less than 300 feet,” he told MUFON researchers.

The witness said that he saw several UFOs flying overhead as he often stood guard at the south fence of the base. And because they passed over the base at a relatively low altitude, most were determined to be about 50 feet to 100 feet wide.

They weren’t brightly colored, mostly plain looking with muted colors. He also often saw red lights behind UFOs as they flew overhead.
An intriguing observation he made was that many of the UFOs flew into the ocean and there was a constant stream of UFOs landing and taking off from the ocean.

It seemed that there was a major underwater UFO base in Guantanamo Bay.
He remembered the observation of moving blue lights, like headlights, whenever a UFO flew towards the sea and land.

He told MUFON, »Most of these UFOs were about 50 to 100 feet across, but to the naked eye it came off as an opaque, cloudy hull with a little red light trailing behind it.
“When I stood guard on the south side of the base, I witnessed many UFOs, almost every night landing and taking off out of the ocean.”
“There were big blue lights moving after they landed in the ocean and then slowly dimming as they obviously went down deeper.”

He then went on to describe a strange experience he had when he was assigned to stand guard at the main gate of the base. Leaving his guard house one day around 7pm, he looked over the fence at an abandoned guardhouse on the other side and noticed a huge white cloud with pulsing blue lights. close to the ground.
Alarmed, he called his partner who came out to see and that was when the UFO rose into the air and flew in his direction.

“I walked out of the security booth and looked over the fence… when something caught my eye… a huge white cloud with a flickering blue light in the middle of it.”

He said that as he and his partner watched the UFO approach, confused about the correct action to take, the lookout tower sentry raised an alarm and began yelling, »get the hell out of there«.

But before they could move, the UFO is said to have hovered over them silently. She hovered over them for several minutes as she was pinned to the ground.

After a few minutes, the commanding sergeant called and ordered them out. The two men obeyed orders, returned to the base barracks on a small hill and from there continued to observe the mysterious flying device.

Intelligence officers arrived with men carrying film equipment. The crew filmed the craft lingering for about three hours before flying west about a quarter of a mile along the fence line. She paused briefly and then shot straight up into the air and out of sight like a bullet.

Are we facing the clearest example of UFO activity on our planet? Or is it simply an invention to attract attention?


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