A tree-like creature is seen by a man crossing a road

A man from the US state of Connecticut claims to have seen a small bipedal being that passed him on the road and looked like a “tree with legs”. It is not ruled out that an alien could be involved.

In August 2022, a rather peculiar message was transmitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (USA), but local media only learned about it this week.

The incident took place on the morning of 3 August in Oxford, as the witness was traveling home, who wished to remain unnamed.

I border more forests than mine, which add up to just over 5 hectares. A bipedal monster about 1.3 meters tall and as wide as my thigh (I’m 5’5″ and 75 pounds, so not very big) emerged from the woods near the property’s courtyard on the right as I was pulling into my driveway. . He was thirty feet away.

The strange 1.30 m tall monster “came out of the forest to the left, crossed the road and ran to where there was part of the courtyard and another part of the forest”, said the witness.

The creature was brown, had short arms and legs, and often took the form of a small tree.

“Both skin and hair were absent. He didn’t move like most animals did when he ran. One witness said: “His legs moved as if he was riding a bicycle.”

The witness said that because he was so close to him – just a few meters – that he had a clear view of the creature, it really did look like “a tree with miniature branches and legs”.

“The creature, he said, was extremely thin, moved “as lightly and smoothly as a feather” and ran as if “it didn’t even touch the ground”, with no noticeable curve of body, hips or shoulders.

Notably, the witness also noted that not only was the thing traveling absolutely silently, but that the region seemed to have silenced as a result of its presence, as no birds or other animals nearby were audible at the time.

Although he noted that “there was no tail, ears or any other body components that a typical animal or person would have”, the eyewitness could only see the creature’s back and side.

The man stated the following, maintaining that he was fully sober at the time of the sighting and was not using any drugs that could result in hallucinations:

“I’m not sure it was an alien for sure, but I don’t know what else it could be.”
I didn’t see any extraterrestrial spacecraft or anything, but I didn’t walk through the woods to look either.

While he stated that he did not search around the forest after spotting the creature, he also said that there were no reports of any alien craft in the vicinity.

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