Will UFO disclosure be a joint global initiative?

A divulgação de OVNIs será uma iniciativa mundial conjunta?

UFO enthusiasts, researchers, politicians and contacts have long debated whether or not the world should be officially informed about UFOs.

Some claim that the dissemination will take place on a global scale, involving all nations. Others claim that the United States will declare the existence of foreigners.

Others, however, feel that the ETs themselves will choose when humans are prepared to accept the existence of UFOs and aliens.

So who’s right? Are there chances? Who do you prefer?

It makes me think of the 2010 UK Telegraph report that claimed punters reduced the likelihood of alien life after learning that Winston Churchill had directed the cover-up of a UFO incident involving a British Royal Air Force bomber.

Churchill was concerned that any disclosure of real UFOs and aliens could spread panic and undermine people’s confidence in their respective religions.

In other words, we were either unprepared or unable to accept the truth.

The 1940s were involved. “A lot of water has passed under the UFO bridge” since then. In fact, most of us have this belief.

The official disclosure of UFOs and aliens, in my opinion, has been happening one person at a time.

This has been attested to by the millions of contact experimenters who have emerged in recent years to share their alien contact accounts.

But this has yet to be formally recognized.

I asked Roberto Pinotti, one of the most renowned and dedicated UFO researchers on the planet, who would be in charge of publicizing UFOs in an interview I recorded with him.

Italian aerospace journalist Roberto Pinotti is considered a first-rate UFO researcher and authority by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Few people are more qualified to discuss UFOs than they are.

His third book, which explores the history of UFOs in Italy, was recently published. Timeless UFO Contacts in Italy is the title.

So who do you think will be the central figure in the official UFO reveal? He honestly said, “I’m not sure.”

Many ufologists believe that the United Nations would be a good place to start looking for clues.

“And 1967 saw the first mention of it. After that, in 1978, we launched the Grenada initiative at the UN. ”

“Jump to the 2013 disclosure hearing in Washington after that effort failed. Along with nine other nations, I also represented there. At this meeting, it was suggested that the UN could address this issue in the future.

Pinotti noted that in the current environment, when it seems that each nation has its own agenda, it would be challenging to develop one or individuals.

While he recognizes that a nation like the United States would be harmed, he supports the principle of the UN having a representative body.

Most people would agree that the United States has been, or at least appears to be, at the forefront of the study of UFOs. With the current exposure of unidentified aerial phenomena flying over its skies, it also seems to be at the forefront of any publicity event.

Pinotti simply admits that he’s not sure whether the spokesperson is a politician, scientist, mathematician, philanthropist, or a combination of them all.

Millions of contactees, as stated earlier, can already confirm that the disclosure has already taken place.

Would disclosure put UFO researchers out of business?
This is an intriguing question. Most of the world’s most renowned UFO experts I asked answered no when I asked that question. On this planet, the battle for UFO disclosure has lasted nearly 80 years.

There has been, according to Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, a genuine embargo on UFOs since the 1940s. But since the advent of the internet, this has been significantly undermined.

It has been difficult to persuade governments that extraterrestrial life exists. In fact, some would argue that it is dangerous. But if the truth embargo were fully lifted, what would happen to the professional life of someone like Roberto Pinotti?

“It’s a sensible question. You see, I’ve spent over 60 years of my life studying this topic.

And if everything was resolved one day and the UFOs were confirmed to be real, all I can say is that I would be glad.

“I believe most of us can return to our normal lives probably in a better mood and in a more optimistic way. It wouldn’t be too horrible, in my opinion.”

Pinotti discusses the first two volumes of Contacts of UFOs in Italy in the interview that follows. Another interview I had with him is included in the third book, which will be out soon.

Italian UFO cover-ups, disclosure, the biggest UFO event of the 20th century, the Italian equivalent of Roswell that took place fourteen years before the famous American incident, the incredible Italian UFO wave of the late 1970s, Pinotti’s solution to the Paradox by Enrico Fermi, are all topics covered by Pinotti.

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