Around 18:30 on the 27th, it was confirmed that the locals of Azangaro, Southern Peru, had dropped a ball from the sky.

Locals from Peru’s southeastern Andean community were terrified after finding three mysterious metal objects in nearby fields.

They found the huge rocks hours after dozens of pictures and videos of a blazing object, taken in the Peruvian towns of Tingo Maria and Pucalklpa, which are 115 miles away from each other, were uploaded to social media.

Up on examination, the witnesses confirmed that there was a very thick scent of electrode welding in the air, making it look like the object was artificial after all.

Nobody knows where it came from when it was created, and why it dropped in the first place

Romulo Barros, the chief of the fire service in the Brazilian municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul, suggested the ball was more likely made up of space debris, a term used to describe defunct man-made objects, such as old satellites, that are left in space.

He said: “When the debris enters the atmosphere it comes under intense friction and this causes it to set on fire. That is what could have happened.”

Theorists claim that this was a message from a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳s, although some believe that it was a botched experiment by the local army.

Even, no bombs were found inside, but unless they were firing cannonballs in the air, there’s no explanation why we should term this an artillery drill.

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