UFO Was Caught On Camera By NASA’s Curiosity Rover On Mars (Video)

These photographs and the explanatory video are clear evidence of the existence of aliens on Mars and in the entire solar system, including our planet.
A series of photos from NASA’s Curiosity Rover appears to have captured an anomaly. That after being analyzed in great detail shows that it is a UFO.

The two photos analyzed were taken by the Curiosity Rover’s Right Navigation Camera on Sol 3613 (October 5, 2022) and, according to Jean Ward’s calculation, the two photos were taken 12 seconds apart.

These photographs show what appears to be an atmospheric anomaly; something like an object moving across the field of view of the rover’s camera.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the right part of the object is moving faster than the left part, as there is motion blur on the right side.

Or could this UFO-like object be emitting smoke?
The Curiosity Rover image is significant because it is one of a series of two images taken at nearly the same time. Only this particular frame shows the unidentified object, suggesting that it is not a speck of dust, but something in motion.

Unexpected anomalies in photographs taken on Mars and the Moon and sent back to Earth for closer examination by NASA are nothing new.

NASA has not commented on any of the strange Curiosity Rover sightings so far. But alien hunters have suggested that they are alien spacecraft that monitor the small steps of humans in the universe.

An open mind is necessary when viewing Curiosity Rover-like images of other planets. One day, our very survival may depend on it.

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