US Officials Have Face-to-Face Meetings With Extraterrestrial Races

According to sources, face-to-face meetings are frequently held between US officials and extraterrestrial beings. Dr. Michael Salla is a renowned scholar, an expert in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy.

Michael is truly convinced that the dissemination of extra-terrestrial presence is mostly based on leaks of information about contactees and military high-ranking staff testimonies.

Also, these sources suggest that the extraterrestrial groups involved in these meetings are known as Reptilians as well as other races whose lifestyles are based on silicon

These extra-terrestrial races have been monitoring and controlling the Earth for centuries and currently, they are creating humanoid hybrids destined to be placed on Earth in order to create a new type of human in the future.

Another source claims that there is another race called “Ebens” and come from the star system of Zeta Reticuli, also known as the planet of the Greys. According to this source, these aliens are in close relationship with military officers.

All this information is part of a supposed “Serpo Project” which implies a secret program of exchange between humans and extra-terrestrial from the Zeta Reticulis.

For Salla, this project is the result of actual facts and speculations. However, Michael still believes that meetings between humans and aliens are a reality, and he thinks that the final revelation is just a matter of time. Have a look a the following video and share your thought with us.

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