5 UFOs flying over Hamilton, New Zealand 2022

This U̳F̳O̳ sighting was filmed over Hamilton in New Zealand ion 18th March 2022 but it was just recently submitted to MU̳F̳O̳N.

Witness report: While my partner and I were in our lounge watching a U̳F̳O̳ documentary, my partner had some sort of sudden inclination to look out the window, perhaps as a result of the doco we were watching.
She saw glowing lights tracing a path across the sky.
Initially we only saw 3, but then 2 more started catching up to the first 3 from beyond the horizon to the southwest.
The 5 amber glowing lights seemed to speed up and slow down as they traced a path across the sky.
Perhaps with the exact time info off the video, you will be able to more easily confirm the air traffic from that date and time.
We live in a city where it is common for hot air balloons to fly at night as part of a local festival, which had concluded around that time, but they do not fly as high as what we saw, the colouring of the light seemed too bright, large and consistently visible to be the occasional flame of a hot air balloon. I could also find no report or event listing of any flying at night. Hot air balloons do not have the flight control capabilities we saw:
The lights seemed to speed up and slow down in relationship to eachother to move as a group, as well as at least one of them changing its flight direction to circle back for the others.
From visual comparisons I first thought it might have been starlink satellites, but these seemed too low, the wrong colour, and too oddly spaced. Also starlink satellites would not stop or reverse course in the sky I presume.
I got my cellphone and filmed the lights for 4 minutes exactly, and stopped filming as they started to fade once they had flown over us. It looked as though they became obscured by cloud cover that was impossible for us to see against the night sky, as they seemed to just disappear of their own accord.
After that we went inside to try and find out whether we could explain what we saw through conventional means, but did not manage to, regardless we presumed that we had simply seen something with a mundane explanation and mostly moved on and forgot about it. The more time goes on the more I keep coming back to the fact that I never managed to successfully explain what it was.
This is not the first time my partner has suddenly felt compelled to look out a window and immediately sees an amber light moving strangely in the sky. Last time she did so in the early hours of the morning and woke up suddenly, instantly knowing specifically that there was a “U̳F̳O̳” in the sky for her to look at, but that night for whatever reason we both didn’t feel compelled to get a phone and film it.

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