Bob Lazar: The Man Who Worked With Extraterrestrial Technology Shows His “Water-Powered Car”

UFOs and Aliens Are Taken More Seriously Today

This is the fascinating story of the man who worked for the most secret US government facility involving alien spacecraft and otherworldly technology and dared to tell all about it.

Bob Lazar is the man who opened and talked about the secret Area 51 military base decades ago. He said he worked at the military facility that had a high level security clearance and talked about military secrets along with secret technology and was mocked. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why those responsible were not afraid or the workers did not dare to speak out because they would not believe it.

— Whistling is more frequent today than it was decades ago —

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar
Today there seem to be many more complaints than there were decades ago. Today, hundreds of high-ranking politicians and ex-military people have opened up and talked about experiences with UFOs. UFOs are now classified as something official, as the Pentagon released a video of a UFO performing a maneuver that no known aircraft could have done.

UFOs are also a popular topic of conversation in academic circles, and peer-reviewed research papers have emerged that have suggested man-made surface interventions on other planets in the solar system, such as Mars and the Moon.

— Lazar claims to have worked on reverse-engineered alien technology at Area 51 —
Bob Lazar talked about working on reverse engineering alien technology when he worked at a location called S-4, which he said was close to the facility known as Area 51. He talked about aliens and how there are various groups, with some groups having contact with governments. from all over the world.

Lazar said he spoke with Hungarian-American theoretical physicist Edward Teller, who has been called the father of the hydrogen bomb. Hermann Oberth, one of the founders of modern rocketry, also spoke about UFOs, saying that flying saucers were real and powered by intelligent observers who were members of a race that had perhaps been investigating Earth for many centuries.

Lazar said he met Teller during a conference and had a brief conversation. Lazar had sent a résumé asking for a job, and Teller had called him saying he was no longer on the job and was only working as a consultant. The contact’s name was given, and once the call was made, things continued from there. Teller was asked if he knew Lazar, but he didn’t answer.

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— UFOs and aliens are taken more seriously these days —
It’s much easier today to take Lazar seriously when you take into account the information that has emerged that corroborates his story, and the story has never wavered from the moment he started telling it. Lazar runs a business under the name United Nuclear and maintains the availability of scientific supplies, equipment and chemicals to the public, along with educational institutions. In addition to making basic science supplies, the company also offers hard-to-find and science-related products that are rare and uncommon.

In a recent video, Lazar showed off what he called his water-powered car. However, Lazar said that a car cannot use water as a fuel, but it can be used as a raw material. He went on to explain that electricity could pass through it and then decompose into hydrogen along with oxygen and then the hydrogen could be burned.

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