Area 51, Bob Lazar and the supposed secret facility known as S-4

Whatever your thoughts on Bob Lazar\’s allegations, there\’s one important thing to know (and remember). Namely, Lazar said that he only worked on a part of the general area that equates to A̳r̳e̳a̳ 51. He certainly didn\’t have open access to all aspects of A̳r̳e̳a̳ 51. In fact, the fact is, A̳r̳e̳a̳ 51 is actually just a part of it. of what is called the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). And Lazar allegedly worked for another body within the range called S-4. Yes, it\’s a little confusing – that is, until you get familiar with the names, places, and locations.

Sincere or liar?
That said, let’s take a closer look at S-4. According to Lazar, in late 1988 he worked briefly at S-4. The work reportedly revolved around the study of a series of acquired alien spacecraft. Yes, the US government has a secret storage area for vehicles from other worlds. Maybe even from other galaxies. At least, if you believe Lazar’s stories. Today, in addition to being home to Area 51 and the S-4 facility that Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on briefly in the late 1980s, the NTTR is home to the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range, Eastman Airfield Target, and Point Bravo Electronic Combat. Range.

While looking for work, Lazar met with the EG&G team at an office at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. It turned out to be a little disappointing – but with a distinct light at the end of the tunnel. Lazar was told he was overqualified for the position they had in mind. But, they had another project in mind that they thought would be much more ideal for Lazar. All Lazar knew at the time was that the program revolved around new and alternative propulsion systems. For someone who built his own jet car, this looked like something right down Lazar’s alley. It didn’t take long for Lazar to have his interview – again at the McCarran Airport offices. The meeting was with a man named Dennis Mariani, a practical guy who had the air of a military officer and who turned out to be Lazar’s supervisor. The duo flew out of the airport – just a short trip. They arrived at a desert facility and Lazar was transported to a vehicle with darkened windows. From there, Lazar was taken to a part of Area 51, which Lazar came to know as S-4.

Área 51, Bob Lazar e a suposta instalação secreta conhecida como S-4

Not only that, supposedly something serious was going on at S-4. For example, Lazar revealed that in the installation, in his own words, “there is an extremely confidential document dealing with religion, and it is extremely thick. But why should any confidential documents be dealing with religion?”

That’s a very good question. The answer Lazar got from the informational documents provided to him by his colleagues at Area 51 was that we, the human race, are not the product of one god – or even of several gods. Lazar claimed that the documentation he read revealed that “we were made by progressive corrections in evolution”, specifically by highly advanced extraterrestrials in the distant past.

According to Lazar, S-4 was a massive installation; however, no one would know that if they flew over it. In fact, you’d barely know if you were on the floor too. Lazar explained that S-4 was actually built within the surrounding mountains, which were carefully and massively excavated. It was within these reinforced and hollowed-out areas that all work on the alien craft was carried out. Nothing could be seen from the sky. Virtually nothing was seen on the ground. And, the entire facility was hidden in the mountains. It was the perfect place to work and hide the flying saucers that Dennis Mariani told Lazar were stored on S-4.

As the story continued, the team at Area 51 had no less than nine alien ships in their possession. Most of them were in good condition – in fact, some were in excellent condition. One was superficially but not excessively damaged.

It’s not surprising that Lazar was threatened – with his life, no less – never to talk about any of this with anyone outside the show. This included Lazar’s wife, family and friends. On this matter, Lazar was told that to ensure he stayed on the line, his home phone would be tapped. He had to sign a document detailing the outcome of any breaches of the agreement – ​​which included lengthy prison sentences and even a visit from the “angel of death”. Or a government agent with a talent for ending lives. He was even told that if he spoke out of line, hypnosis and chemicals could be used to erase his memories of what he saw on S-4.

For Lazar, this was all very sinister, but the stakes were so high – the ability to work on alien spacecraft – that it was too big a bait to say no. Lazar eagerly relinquished his life in an instant. Perhaps we all would.

Area 51 itself may not be the key to the truth of the story. Same for NTTR. The S-4 (and S-4 only) could be the key to all the controversy. If, of course, there really is an S-4. After all, we can’t prove it after more than thirty years of controversy.

Many of the things Lazar has said are impressive and unverifiable, and there are some things that contradict his record. However, he passed multiple polygraph (lie detector) tests, and even today, 30 years later, if asked, Lazar continues to claim that what he saw and even worked to dismantle were alien craft.

It is interesting to remember that Lazar did not make any money from his statements and did not even participate in any UFO event or convention. In fact, what he declared even ruined his life.

Where does the truth about this case lie? Researchers and the general public are divided, with some finding that Lazar is actually telling the truth, while others dismiss him as a pathological liar.


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