Scientist confirms that aliens created the human race

According to a renowned scientist, aliens created the human race and other alien worlds.
They accept that the 97% of human DNA that is made up of the so-called “uncoded clusters” are nothing but the exact hereditary codes of extraterrestrial living beings. Non-coded groupings are normal in all living organic entities on earth, from cells to fish to people. They make up a large part of human DNA, says Professor Sam Chang, director of the meeting.

Non-coding sequences, initially known as “junk DNA”, were found a long time ago and their ability remains a secret. By far the majority of human DNA comes from outside our planet. These obvious “trash alien qualities” essentially “take it all” with the other dynamic qualities, passing from one age to another. if the apparent human junk DNA was made by some kind of “software engineer”. “The strands within human DNA have their own veins, corridors and their own invulnerable framework that enthusiastically oppose every disease-fighting drug ever made,” says Professor Chang.

Professor Chang further specifies that “Our speculation is that an extraterrestrial superior living being took care of making new living beings and settling them on different planets. Earth is just one of them. Perhaps, after programming us, our creators took care of making us like we microorganisms do in laboratories. We have no idea of ​​their thought processes, whether all is well with the world a logical investigation, or a method of preparing new planets for colonization, or whether it is a long-standing occupation of cultivating the life in the universe.”

Chang further adds that “Assuming we think of it in human terms, the so-called ‘alien software engineers’ were logically concerned with ‘greater code’ comprising different tasks, and those tasks likely gave rise to different types of life for different planets.” Also, they should have tried different fixes, they expressed “the huge code”, they ran it, they didn’t like some capabilities, they transformed or added new capabilities, they ran it one more time, they made updates, they tried it again and again.

Furthermore, Professor Chang’s review group infers that the “alien developers” were perhaps requested to erase all of their optimistic designs for the future when they focused on the “Earth project” to complete it on time. Most likely, in their haste, “alien software engineers” would radically cut the “incredible code” and broadcast it with only the essential elements intended for Earth.”

Chang is only one of the few researchers and different analysts who have found the beginnings of humanity. Chang and his associates demonstrate that obvious holes in DNA sequencing, hastened by a supposed rush to make human existence, have endowed humanity with the bizarrely confusing development of cells that we know as disease.

A minister from the California territory in the United States offered his point of view recently in a brief meeting: “This is incomprehensible, we realize that man was made of clay, so says the expression of God and it is immutable, this is unquestionably crafted by the adversary to lead individuals away from the Lord’s method, in light of the fact that it is stated in the holy book that God will be God eternally and whoever trusts in him will be saved, if not he will be denounced. fact is in the book of scriptures.” He finished saying.

Professor Chang further argues that “what we find in our DNA is a program that consists of two variants, a fundamental code and a huge code.” Chang then, at that point, expresses that “the main reality is that the total program was not composed on Earth, far from it, this is an affirmed truth. The subsequent truth is that the qualities by themselves do not give meaning to the development, there must be something different “in the game.” “At some point,” says Chang, “we must be confronted with the unfathomable idea that all life on Earth carries hereditary codes from our extraterrestrial cousins” and that the breakthrough didn’t go as we thought. ”


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