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Researchers “capture” several UFOs that absorb energy from lightning (Video)

There are many cases where UFOs are seen absorbing energy from different means. However, a new video may reveal that they also do this with lightning.

A video posted on YouTube shows a compilation of UFOs during thunderstorms. However, the most curious thing is that in the images you can see how these unidentified flying objects seem to absorb the energy that the rays emanate.

This wouldn’t be the first time one of these objects has been seen “picking up energy” from different places. Especially of terrestrial places and phenomena.

UFOs absorbing energy from lightning
We could often see possible alien spacecraft storing energy. The most recent was that of a huge object that appears to be “sucking” energy from the Sun.

However, they have also been seen emerging from or entering active volcanoes, flying over nuclear power plants. They have even been seen flying over military bases, especially those harboring nuclear weapons.

This couldn’t be a coincidence, as many theorists claim that aliens need to “recharge” their energy ships.

For this reason, a YouTube user was hired to collect different video clips in which these unidentified flying objects are seen feeding on lightning during thunderstorms. As expected, the video quickly went viral on social media.

The channel is called SecureTeam10 and specializes in alien-based theories. According to the narrator of the video, the images record how, on different occasions and in different countries of the world, UFOs feed on thunder or lightning.

The last recorded video, according to his channel, was captured in the Czech Republic. A country from which we do not receive much news related to the matter.

It is not the first time

As expected and despite many of the comments agreeing that they are UFOs, other skeptics try to discredit the images, ensuring they are nothing more than digitally made montages.

However, and as mentioned above, this is not the first time a UFO has been seen manipulating energy.

Last month, a possible mothership was observed absorbing energy from the Sun. Phenomenon denounced by Scott C. Waring. Likewise, earlier in the year strange lights were seen coming out of the Popocatepetl volcano, which many experts also attributed to energy absorption.

Likewise, they were seen flying over Fukushima nuclear power plants and former military officials stated that these objects flew over military base ships that stored nuclear weapons.

According to the Kardashov Scale, UFOs would be objects belonging to at least one Type II Civilization. Since they are able to use all the energy on the planet to their advantage.

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