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Aliens at the Center of the Earth: How Extraterrestrial Civilizations Travel Through the Universe

The fact is that, according to the expert, humanity starts from a misconception of the Earth’s structure. In his opinion the outer layer of our planet is about half the total size. Then comes a huge hollow space where alien cities, bases, entire countries can be located.

Then comes a web of a substance that restricts the thermonuclear processes of the planet’s core. The core itself is a true star – a generator of an incredible amount of energy.

Thanks to this power, space and time can be distorted, portals open, so aliens fly from one cosmic body to another without overcoming the vast distances of the Universe.

In fact this theory may very well be true. The fact is that data on the structure of the Earth are calculated based on the mass and density of our planet. None of the Earthlings ever dived deeper than 12,000 meters (Kola well).

And what’s at the 25,000 meter or 50,000 meter mark? We just don’t know. All the supposedly known data is nothing more than a theory.

Based on the analysis of UFO movements and numerous observations in different parts of the globe, it can be concluded that these devices move with the same speed through air, water and even on the ground.

Apparently there is a technology to use thermonuclear fusion that allows you to move not in time and space, but through any matter without consuming energy, bypassing the forces of resistance and the laws of physics.

It’s hard to imagine what laws of physics the hypothetical aliens use.

It sounds fantastic but in his book Rodney Cluff is based not only on theoretical calculations, but also on the accounts of those who were abducted by aliens.

People often say they were on alien bases in the bowels of the Earth. In other words, we can conclude that they are not aliens, but more developed representatives of another civilization that cohabits with humanity.

Reports of an incredibly massive network of underground tunnels that span tens of thousands of kilometers fit this hypothesis perfectly. So it can be assumed that intergalactic flights are a distant future for humanity and the past century for our subterranean neighbors.

You can open a portal in the core of any cosmic body if it has not cooled down and instantly move to the desired point in the Universe.

That’s why UFOs often fly through rock or hide not in the sky, but under water or in the volcano. There is your base and a portal to travel to planets and galaxies.

Therefore, UFOs are mostly seen on Earth and not in space.

Rodney Cluff’s theory is quite controversial, but according to some UFO researchers, it has a chance of being true. After all, in the last ten years ufologists have collected data on more than 12,000 UFO sightings. But at the same time only dozens of these objects have been seen in near-Earth space.

It turns out that the remaining thousands simply used a different method to leave Earth. And Rodney Cluff’s version is very close to the truth.

Rodney Cluff, one of the most famous proponents of the Hollow Earth theory today and author of the book World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow, was among those who planned to organize an expedition to the North Pole and finally locate the entrance to Inner Earth, which was covered with so successful over the years.

The expedition ended up not happening due to some financial and organizational setbacks, but Cuff remains hopeful that one day they will get there, find the hole, and finally catch a glimpse of the Hollow Earth and its inhabitants.

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